LS group — a worthy replacement!

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On the eve of the World Championship in ice hockey, to support the national team of Russia, 24, 25 and 26 April, the Nizhny Novgorod on the aftermarket Udmurt, under the waving of flags and loud sounds of horns fan, an action-presentation of the new brand LS group.

Given the interest in our country motorists to the topic of hockey, as part of the presentation were distributed to all comers branded posters and calendars to schedule championship games, as well as a nice souvenir — a hockey puck and a group photo. For the convenience of fans, the site laid out the schedule of games and results of games played.

"The new player! A worthy replacement! "It is the slogan of the company, under which a group of companies LAN Group, is launching a new line of product parts. PM Group Company manufacturer of automotive components for GAZ, VAZ, UAZ in three main areas — the drive system timing — engine cooling system — filtration system.

All products are manufactured in the Group’s single brand packaging under the trademark LS group — a worthy replacement! For each direction of the goods assigned its own color scale — gas distribution system — red, cooling system — blue, filtration system — green. All products of the company to provide advertising support.

With many years of experience in this field, streamlined production, own patented developments aimed at improving the performance and 100% quality control at all stages of production, the company PM Group offers its customers products that comply with all the requirements of technical specifications and certification.

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