LSR Group has launched a clinker

LSR Group was the first in the Russian mass producer of clinker. The high-tech line, focused on the industrial production of clinker ceramic products for various purposes up to 25 million bricks a year, started at the plant in the Leningrad region.

The new production line is able to produce a wide range of different types of bricks: road-paving clinker brick, clinker brick face a variety of formats, colors and textures, decorative brick and original ceramic elements. Universal line is able to produce as the standard face brick up to 40 million bricks per year. The plant’s products will be available in the North-West, Central, and Southern Urals Federal District.


The first line brickworks LSR in the Leningrad region, focused on the production of porous brick with a total capacity to 120 million bricks per year, was launched in December 2012. The total capacity of the industrial complex — to 160 million bricks per year. In the long term value of the issue can be brought up to 220 million bricks per year.

The plant is located near Chekalovskogo blue Cambrian clay deposits. The volume of proven reserves will provide the company with raw materials for more than 100 years.


Commented Alexei Gavrilov, managing the business unit "LSR. Wall Materials — North-West ":

"The new production line is developed by one of the leading German companies for the purpose of LSR. Its unique technological features make it easy and without prejudice to the issue of production of both large and small-scale parties clinker capacity of 30 thousand units. Color, texture and shape can be almost arbitrary. Production flexibility gives us a fairly wide range of possibilities for the release of the most sought-after market types of bricks. "


New brick factory in the Kirov district of the Leningrad region — this is the second project, "greenfield", implemented by the Group LSR. Total investments — about 10 billion rubles. Implementation of the project included the construction of the complex, including engineering services and the creation of the necessary transport infrastructure.

LSR Group’s production facilities for the production of different types of bricks are located today in St. Petersburg, Leningrad Oblast and Moscow Oblast. The combined capacity of the holding — about 300 million bricks per year.



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