Ltd. Aerokon (Kazan) has created a family of gyro-stabilized


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Moscow. April 19. Airports — LLC "Aerokon" (Kazan) has created a family of gyro-stabilized platforms for a variety of payloads, said "AviaPort" Chief Designer of unmanned aircraft systems of the type Igor Petukhov.
 According to him, creating three types of gyro-stabilized platform for a variety of payloads, the company is preparing and will soon publish information on newly developed platforms. Gyrostabilised platform designed primarily characterized by mass indexes: they are designed to target a mass load of 0.6 kg, 2 kg and 5 kg.

Such gyrostabilised platform with a target load can be put not only on drones, but also manned vehicles, such as helicopters. These platforms are tested on the ground stand, as well as on the development of UAVs LLC "Aerokon" type "Frontier", except for the target platform load of 5 kg, which was tested only on the ground stand I.Petuhov added.

He pointed out that the developed gyrostabilised platform designed for new and advanced payloads for drones and will be different from today the expansion of the range due to the larger target of filling special equipment that is gyro stabilized platform. At the same time improved the accuracy and stability of the platform. All the developments of payloads and platforms are manufactured by the company for its own funds on its own initiative.

Ltd. "Aerokon" develops and produces systems of unmanned aerial reconnaissance, surveillance and monitoring with unmanned aerial vehicles like "Frontier-2", "Frontier-10" and "Border-20".

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