Ltd. Bucyrus manufactured for partners from Belarus party korotkobaznym cranes

Ltd. "Bucyrus" manufactured for partners from Belarus party korotkobaznym cranes 25 tons Customer has three cranes Belarusian company OAO "Belaruskali" — one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of fertilizers.

Korotkobaznym cranes KS-5871 chassis production Bucyrus previously well established in the Republic of Belarus. The advantages of these valves are high maneuverability due to small size chassis and steering wheels front and rear axles (both — driven), the minimum turning radius, the ability to move sideways, ease and accuracy in control. All this provides increased machine throughput under severe driving conditions and allows efficient use of the crane in cramped conditions, including the performance of work within the buildings and premises at dismantling the rubble. An important component of this modification is also warm and comfortable double cabin.
This time, at the request of the buyer cars are also equipped with safety device designed to protect the valve against overloading and overturning when lifting cargo damage when working in cramped conditions and the dangerous approach to power transmission lines.

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