Ltd. gyros will show on Helirussia 2011 gyros Gyros-1 and 2 Gyros


Airports — Ltd. "gyros" (Zhukovsky) demonstrate at the IV Helirussia Helicopter Industry Exhibition 2011, which will be held May 19-21, gyros "Gyros-1" ("Farmer") and "Gyros-2" ("Huntsman"), said, "AviaPort" the chief designer of the company Valentin Ustinov.

Multi-purpose lightweight single gyro "Gyros-1" is in preparation for flight tests. Installed on the machine piston gasoline engine Subaru EZ 30 200 HP and a two-bladed rotor firm Sportcopter. Fuel consumption is 15-16 kg per 100 km. Range with commercial load of 110 kg is 380 km. In front of the cockpit is the cargo bay measuring 0.5 x 0.6 m, which can be used for transportation of goods or install himbaka capacity of 150 liters. "Gyro-1" can not hover in place like a helicopter, but the minimum level flight speed of 50 km / h. "Gyro-1" was built in the autumn 2010 it has already made tentative approach and jogging. Currently being finalized propeller-engine group, said V. Ustinov.


In addition, completed the basic design work and assembly is a double lung gyroplane "Gyro-2." At take-off weight up to 820 kg of the device is capable of taking off and landing on short unprepared ground area, is able to overcome the distance of 400 km with a load of 110 kg. Start of the test apparatus is scheduled for the second quarter of 2011

According to chief designer, unique to these projects abroad does not exist. There are patents on their designs. Prototypes of gyros and full-scale mock-ups in the amount shown at the MAKS-2005, 2007, 2009, and other salons. Both devices will be presented at international exhibitions Helirussia 2011 and MAKS-2011.

Gennady Aralov

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