Ltd. Hydroplane plans to increase deliveries of aircraft Corvette

Ltd. "Hydroplane" in 2011 will increase the production of aircraft, "Corvette" and "Cicada", said the company‘s director Yegor Kamotskii.

According to him, the company has already shipped to the buyer one aircraft "Corvette" and is currently at high readiness is the second aircraft of the same type. Delivery to the buyer of the second "Corvette" will be implemented this summer.

Last year the company gave customers the three aircraft (a "Corvette" and the two aircraft "Cicada"), but this year is expected to increase supply, order backlog continues to take shape. However, today there are no orders for the aircraft, "cicada", while the demand is only visible on the aircraft, "Corvette", said the director.

New seaplane "Convertible" has an open cockpit and the main purpose of its establishment is to enter the market, the so-called "Budget", that is relatively cheap and simple aircraft. The estimated value of the aircraft "Convertible" is approximately 1.5 times the value should be below the plane "Corvette".

"Convertible" made its first flight and is currently being revised. The works on this car, there are some breaks associated with the ability to finance the work. However, if the incoming orders, the company is ready to produce it, the head of the company.

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