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In 1992, the individual project began construction of a workshop for buckwheat.

Development of the company took place in several stages.

In 1993 he started the first products — unground buckwheat in bags of 50 kg. From that time until 1999 the company was reconstructed three times the equipment in order to improve the quality and increase capacity.

In 1996, the Company now has its own logo and trademark, and in 1997 began production of products in the color polypropylene film. Parallel mastered edition of cereals in cooking bags.

Since 2001, the company is engaged in the active promotion of the products. Geographic distribution network is extended to the territory of Russia, as well as short-range (Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan) and abroad (Germany, Australia, Israel, USA).

Since 2002, each year brings new products to market: a mixture of large and natural ingredients — the ‘Home side dishes ", new types of cereals in the cooking bags, paddy in the cooking bag -« Golden Fields », cereals, buckwheat flour, groats in a soft pack — "Prince’s table."

In 2010, the Company received a certificate of quality management system ISO 9001-2008. This certification ensures stable high quality products, as well as enables the company to enter the foreign market.

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