Ltd. Ruskhimbio brought RUSNANO 3000000 dividends and a half years since the inception of

"Ruskhimbio", the first infrastructure company "RUSNANO", established in August 2009, is engaged in the operational delivery and storage of high-purity chemical and biological reagents and consumables. They are necessary for the development of Russia in industries such as biotechnology, fine chemical engineering, materials science, and others, are the foundation of high technology, including — of nanotechnology.


To date, the company has organized a system of shipping and customs clearance of all kinds of chemicals, materials and analytical equipment, and storage infrastructure created to meet the high requirements for storage conditions.

In a warehouse in Moscow is more than 16,000 types of products. The company provides a large number of reagents Russian biotech companies whose work must conform to the international standard GMP.

According to the head of the Center of High Technologies "Ruskhimbio" Igor Popkov, the company in the second half of 2011, plans to expand its range of warehouse and opening his own production line for packaging chemicals.

"Over the year, the company expects to increase its revenues in half and create several regional warehouses, "- He said.

Revenue Ltd. "Ruskhimbio" in 2010 was 215 million rubles, net profit — 17 million rubles. Of the net profit for dividend payment in favor of "RUSNANO" was sent to more than 3 million rubles.

In turn, the deputy chairman of the "RUSNANO" Oleg Kiselyov told RIA Novosti that "from the creation of a "Ruskhimbio" to get the first dividend was about one and a half years. "

"We expect this year to get more dividends from several companies. The funds received are we going to re-invest in new projects, "- He stressed.

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