Ltd. SED-Sizran launched a unique line of galvanic

April 19 at «SED-Sizran", part of a group of companies "Krista", the grand opening of the new plating line of application of protective and decorative coatings for products made of ABS plastic.

The plant has a production line the first and only in Russia, whose characteristics meet all international requirements for products made of plastic plated, the charges in the automotive industry. The new line is fully computerized, offering high performance and complies with all environmental regulations.

On the new equipment will be manufactured products for cars "AvtoVAZ" family Priora, Granta, Largus and Kalina. In the CC "Krista" hope that by the start of the current line of electroplating, LLC "SED-Sizran" will be able to start supplying the factories of foreign companies manufacturing their cars in Russia. Negotiations on the supply currently underway with all potential customers, and has already reached an agreement with representatives of GM, Renault, Volkswagen.

According to experts, the new plating production line features high performance. It enables the production of finished product every 7.5 minutes. Advanced control system allows you to monitor the entire production process. The big advantage of the new equipment is the fact that it minimizes human contact with hazardous substances.

In implementing the project, special attention was paid to environmental issues. For example, the creation of a favorable climate in the workshops, contributing to the preservation of health workers. In addition, the new plant uses powerful treatment plants emissions and reduce their aggressiveness. The new equipment is more environmentally friendly.

Vladimir Simonov said "Chronograph", "old production on" Plastic "will gradually be derived from participation in the production process. New will run at full capacity. Today, the new site "SED-Sizran" nomenclature is transmitted to the "Plastic". Gradually, people from the old production will be transferred here, ie jobs will be saved. "

It should be noted that the launch of a new electroplating equipment demanded "SED-Sizran" transfer to a new level, and other processes. We are talking about the foundry. The enterprise has already launched six new machines that produce parts directly under the electroplating.

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