Ltd. The Star is a multi-Lube

Lube is designed for high-quality and fast mechanized refueling equipment and technology for effective delivery of lubricants and oils directly to the place of work of the specialized devices.

The main objective of this autonomous vehicle — is delivery, temporary storage and dispensing various types of oils and light oil and serve various liquids such as water.

This model is equipped with several special equipment separate compartments, making it possible to simultaneously transport multiple types of oil with the option of collecting the waste oil. Transfer of specialty lubricants and oils produced a new type of pumps that provide normative flow of substances at low temperatures, which are integrated in the design of equipment special heating units.

The main functions of avtomaslozapravschika:

  • Efficient transport;
  • Refilling the shipping container from the tanks, including underground;
  • Heating oils, lubricants and other materials to the desired temperature;
  • Saving the specified temperature range of heated oil inside the tank;
  • Distribution of oil with the most accurate dosing;
  • Direct transfer function (bypassing its capacity);
  • Automatic removal of residues of substances from the discharge hose after filling machinery equipment;
  • Collection of waste oil.

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