Ltd. UBT-service has acquired an asphalt plant Bernardi MIC


Ltd. "UBT-service" — a subsidiary of the parent company of JSC "Scientific and Production Corporation" Uralvagonzavod "- acquired an asphalt plant Bernardi MIC 100/125. Italian factory production capacity of 175 tons per hour will be delivered in Nizhny Tagil in early April. By May 20, 2013 it is planned to complete the installation and start work on the production and laying of asphalt on city roads.

Bernardi Italian company has been selected as the vendor of the parameter best value for money. In addition, this brand has successfully established itself in Russia: Bernardi factories operate in many major cities.

Included with the asphalt plant was decided to purchase additional equipment that allows the technology to produce asphalt SMA (crushed stone mastic asphalt). In the upper part of the road surface cellulose additive that improve the quality and durability of asphalt, reducing the likelihood of occurrence of ruts. In Nizhny Tagil such technology in the production of asphalt does not use one.
 New asphalt plant will not harm the environment Tagil, since the paper uses the non-waste production. Dust recovered from the rubble, on gas stoves installed 600 bag filters. Negative emissions will not.

Already prepared a place built the foundation for the installation of the plant. The new plant will be located at the site next to the old Uralvagonzavod. Built in the 1980s, it is used to repair and pavement on the premises. Its capacity is 25 tons per hour, and it is not enough to implement the task of laying asphalt urban road network. After the installation of a new plant to continue its work, but only for patching.

Thus, LLC "UBT-service" by the end of May will be fully prepared to enter the market of road services Nizhny Tagil. In addition to the new asphalt plant in the presence of the company — the most modern and high-quality road machinery Germany: asphalt, three roller and cutter.

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