Lugansk noted liberation day

Today, February 14, Lugansk and scale solemnly mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation from Nazi invaders. The main celebrations were held in the old city — Lenin Street, it was here in 1943, Soviet troops paraded. Vorochilovgrad became the first regional center to be liberated by the Red Army from the Nazis. In Lugansk was the start of the All-Ukrainian relay memory, "Glory to the liberators of Ukraine». The event was attended by guests from Kiev, Donetsk, Kharkov, Volgograd, Mines (Rostov region).

Festival began near the building of Luhansk City Council. It was raised Crest Victory. He became a symbol of the great deeds and the great victory of the Soviet people, those who defended the freedom and independence of our country. In the flag-raising ceremony was attended by leaders of veterans of the Great Patriotic War, MPs and residents of the regional center. Honorable right to raise the flag of victory provided a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, the chairman of the Lenin District Council of Veterans of Lugansk, a retired colonel Philip Shishak and pupils of the Luhansk Regional Cadet Corps named Heroes "Young Guard". At 10.00 began a solemn meeting and a parade. On the podium — the leaders of the Luhansk region — Governor Vladimir Pristyuk, chairman of the Lugansk regional council Valery Golenko, deputies Sergey Gorokhov, Spyridon Kilinkarov, Vladimir Medianik, Mr Struck Viktor Tikhonov.

The meeting was opened Lugansk commissar, then the mayor of Lugansk.
— February 14th day of celebration for all of us. 70 years ago it was with the release of our city, with the release of Voroshilovgrad the triumphal march of the Soviet army in Ukraine. In the 12 days since the climactic Battle of Stalingrad, our soldiers have been fighting with 450 km and saved our city from Nazi oppression. In memory of generations forever remain a great feat of heroes, who bore the brunt of the struggle against Nazism and defended the freedom and independence of their country. The victory of the far cold February 43rd, lives in each of us and will forever live in the hearts of future generations, — said Sergey Kravchenko. According to him, to date, remained alive only 10 people who took part in the liberation of Voroshilovgrad in 1943.

Governor Vladimir Pristyuk congratulated participants on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Lugansk, thanked and wished them good health of veterans.

According to him, the release was given a lot of blood: in those battles have killed more than 10,000 people. "In total, more than 400,000 residents of Lugansk left during the war on the front, 286 soldiers were awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union, three of them — twice. we still celebrate every year and February 14 — our "small" Victory Day, and May 9. These days every awaken the deepest, most human of feelings that cause us to Motherland ", — said the governor Vladimir Pristyuk.

He also said that the modern descendants of soldiers-liberators are obliged not only to honor the dead, but really to help those who survived. That is why the social protection of the older generation — and especially the disabled and the Great Patriotic War — has become one of the priorities of the current policy.

The head of the regional council Valery Golenko and who spoke after him deputies, also talked about the importance of the release of Lugansk, and stressed that they will do everything possible to people’s living memory. They also said that today some politicians who sit in Parliament, advocated the rehabilitation of fascism.

Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Alexander Vilkul,
which is today a working visit to Luhansk, speaking at the ceremony read out a message of congratulations from the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. He noted that with the support of the President and veteran organizations today kicks off Marathon of Memory "Victory in all of us!". Luganchane solemnly laid in the pocket projectile 76 millimitrovoy cannon land, which took at the Memorial "Monument feat of political workers." Then the sleeve to ground transfer in Kharkov. The relay will end memory in Uzhgorod.

"Luhansk — an example for all the regions of Ukraine in the concern for the historical memory of the heroism of the soldiers of the Great Patriotic War"? the Vice Prime Minister Oleksandr Vilkul during celebrations to mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Lugansk region from invaders. He thanked the Lugansk area for special attention to the problem of preserving the historical memory of the heroism of Ukrainian people during the Great Patriotic War. "So, as Vladimir Pristyuk and Valery Golenko deal with this problem, now is not engaged in one of the leaders of the regions of the country,"? said Alexander Vilkul.

At a solemn meeting in the Luhansk Regional Philharmonic Alexander Vilkul presented state awards to veterans Lugansk:

For significant contributions to the development of the veterans’ movement and the patriotic upbringing of the younger generation Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine awarded Pershamaiski chairman of the city council of veterans of Ukraine beets I. Dean and member of the Luhansk city organization of veterans of the Ukrainian Tamara M. Safonov. Acknowledgements The Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov received by the chairman of the primary organization of veterans small town of Dzerzhinsk Rovenki Droopy Anatoly I. and chairman of the primary organization of veterans of the party Krasnodona Valentina.

Reconstruction Parade liberators in Lugansk



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