LuganskTeplovoz certified the new locomotive

PJSC "LuganskTeplovoz" in January-July 2013 increased the production capacity by 60% compared to the same period in 2012, the press service of the company with reference to CEO Paul Tsesneka. This is reported news agency "Interfax-Ukraine".

  As reported, in the first half growth was 50%.

According to the report, since the beginning of the year produced 108 diesel locomotives 2TE116U, 22 2TE116UD section of the locomotive, and the three sections of the locomotive 3TE116U.

According to the Director General in July to address the "Russian railways" sent 18 sections 2TE116U locomotives and locomotive 2TE116UD 4 sections with the power plant, "General Electric", which has improved the rate of production for July 2012 more than doubled.

In addition, last month completed certification testing 3TE116U locomotive, as well as the process of pre-production for its mass production.

"In August, we plan to send to the customer 2TE116U 18 sections of the locomotive, and a minimum of eight sections of the locomotive 2TE116UD, will continue work on the creation of the locomotive 2TE116UR with MTU engine company," — the press service quoted P.Tsesneka.

In addition, customers will be presented and sent to a three-piece locomotive operation 3TE116U.

In the current month, according P.Tsesneka, in particular, will also be given layout solutions for the installation of equipment manufacturing plants in the Ukrainian locomotive 2EL4, creating technical processes of production of electric locomotives at the plant.

P.Tsesnek also said that in the seven months on the job made 935 people have left for various reasons — 574 people.

"LuganskTeplovoz" produces mainline and shunting locomotives, electric locomotives, electric AC and DC, diesel trains.

As reported, in 2012 the company has increased production capacity of more than 70% compared to the year 2011, issued section 162 locomotives.

The volume of production in value terms grew by 10% — up to 1 billion 747 million USD, net income from the sale of products — by 97%, to 1 billion 694.3 million UAH, while net profit declined by 22.4% — up to 55, 77 million USD.

In 2013 it is planned to release 250 diesel locomotives. Expected net income — more than 3 billion USD.

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