LuganskTeplovoz for 11 months. increased production by almost half


The company "LuganskTeplovoz" in January-November 2011 increased production by almost half compared to the same period in 2010.

In this case, the company did not specify the volume of production in terms of money. In the 11 months’ LuganskTeplovoz "sent to customers 88 diesel locomotives to 58 sections in the January-November last year, including Russian Railways — 36 sections of the main freight locomotive 2TE116U on the Ulaanbaatar Railway (Mongolia) — 52 sections of the locomotive 2TE116UM . For "uz" ("Ukrainian Railways") made four sections of the dc electric 2EL-4 and four sections of the ac electric 2EL-5. In addition, the produced parts for locomotives, components and assemblies, other work was performed.

According to the general director of "LuhanskTeplovoz" Sergei Mikheyev, quoted by the press service of the company in December, will continue production of locomotives for Russian Railways, complete assembly of diesel train DEL-02 for "uz" to continue making shunting locomotive TEM-103.

"LuganskTeplovoz" belongs to the Russian "Transmashholding". The company produces mainline and shunting locomotives, diesel and electric trains, trams, turntables, spare parts for railway transport. The main customers of its products — a "UZ" and Russian Railways.

Earlier Holding announced plans in 2011 to increase the production capacity of more than 62% compared with 2010 to 1.55 billion hryvnia ($ 194 million at the exchange rate of the National Bank).

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