LuganskTeplovoz increased its production by 1.5 times

PJSC "LuganskTeplovoz" owned by the Russian "Transmashholding" (TMH) in January-May increased its production by 1.5 times compared to the same period in 2012, according to a company press release. 

In January-May, the company produced 72 diesel locomotives 2TE116U 14 sections 2TE116UD locomotive and three sections of the locomotive 3TE116U.

At the same time in May at the Russian Railways (RZD) has sent 18 sections of the locomotive and four sections 2TE116U 2TE116UD diesel power plant with General Electric, and the volume of production by May 2012 increased by 30%.

In addition, last month the factory and continued certification test locomotive 3TE116U.

In a press release reminded of the protocol signed in May, according to which between "uz" and "Luganskteplovoz" will be awarded the contract to supply 300 freight electric locomotives AC and DC.

In June, "LuganskTeplovoz also plans to send Railways locomotive 2TE116U 18 sections, four sections 2TE116UD, and completed a three-section of the locomotive factory testing 3TE116U. This month, hold a meeting of the interdepartmental commission on acceptance of the locomotive in operation

In addition, work will continue on the creation of a locomotive 2TE116URengineMTU company, will be the adjustment of technical specifications for electric locomotives, worked through layout solutions for the installation of equipment manufacturing plants in the Ukrainian locomotive 2EL5.

For five months, the company has employed 615 people., Resigned for various reasons 360 people. The average salary of factory workers in May 4670 amounted to more than USD, the workers-earners it reaches the 8 th.



produces mainline and shunting locomotives, electric locomotives, electric AC and DC, diesel trains.

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