LuganskTeplovoz significantly increased its activity

PJSC "LuhanskTeplovoz": FOR THE FIRST QUARTER PRODUCTION VOLUME 1.7 times exceeded last year.

General Director of JSC "LuganskTeplovoz" Paul Tsesnek offsite after the monthly meeting to sum up the results of production in March and the first week of April, shared his views on the situation in the factory.

P.TS.: In March, the Russian Railways sent 14 sections 2TE116U locomotives and locomotive 2TE116UD 4 sections with the power plant, "General Electric", a presentation of the first three-section locomotive 3TE116U, works on co-operation and delivery of spare parts and components. The volume of production in March exceeded last year’s level of 1.15 times, and the first quarter of last year a similar result improved by 1.7 times.

Since the beginning of the year made 38 2TE116U sections of the locomotive, the locomotive 2TE116UD 8 sections, and section 3 of the locomotive 3TE116U. The tendency to reduce downtime of machines and units, is the transition to the implementation of planned only, not emergency repairs of production equipment. As part of the restructuring process and the concentration of production in March was on moving the equipment into the machine shop and welding harvesting and housing. Preparations were flown shop for relining of the pilot plant. In connection with the reorganization of the factory and warehouses in order to create and support the central warehouse in the plant were working on preparing the space on the basis of shop equipment. The result of all these actions will reduce the cost of production output, optimization of logistics and production cycle. In the factory shops and departments carried out repair work. Continued computerization of workplaces. In March, the CDB commissioned modern computers for 3D modeling, organized by the 47 ports of the corporate network, was a computer study for the factory workers. For the first quarter were recruited 450 people have left for various reasons — 200. The average salary of factory workers in March 4700 was hryvnia. The workers, the average wage earners — about 8,500 hryvnia. In April, we plan to send to the customer 2TE116U 16 sections of the locomotive, and the 6 sections of the locomotive 2TE116UD, will continue a three-section of the locomotive factory testing 3TE116U. Will go work on the creation of the locomotive 2TE116UR with MTU engine company. The plan, as in the recent months, stressful. We will strive to fulfill it. 

Sleduetm noted that at the annual meeting of shareholders of PJSC "LuganskTeplovoz" general manager of Tsesnek Paul told the audience about the results of work in 2012 and plans for 2013. He noted that during this time was manufactured products worth 1 billion 747 million UAH., Which is 10% more than in the previous year. On the rails supplied 79 locomotives and 2TE116U prototype locomotive 2TE116UD and 2 of commuter diesel train DEL02. -In general, the volume of production increased compared to 2011 by almost 1.7 times. Engineering services at the plant, work continued on the preparation process of serial production of locomotives and 2TE116U 2TE116UD with a diesel engine company GEVO12 company GE. Was conducted to develop a three-section locomotive 3TE116U that allowed in February this year to build the first prototype locomotive. A significant increase in traction of the railroad locomotive will provide an opportunity to increase the weight by one-third of freight trains while maintaining repair and maintenance base. Commenced design and technological study of the locomotive with engine 2TE116UR company MTU, together with developers’ TransMashHolding "survey conducted by the creation of a powerful new TE35 locomotives. Systematically go work on technological upgrading of enterprises. To finance the investment program was spent 18.7 mln. of which 16.7 mln. used to finance projects to upgrade existing facilities. Acquired modern welding equipment, laser cutting machine, and 4 CNC lathes, which will provide an increase in output, reducing the amount of equipment, switching to flexible technology. Work continues on the automation of jobs in shops and departments of the plant. As a result, the concentration of production is completely derived from the production of general machinery and plant of two cases of cold stamping plant. In total relocated 11 production sites and 126 pieces of equipment. Concentration of services performed in the engineering building number 2. Released three administrative buildings. All this contributes to optimization of the transport in-plant logistics, cost savings to pay for energy resources, reduce production costs. The financial and economic activities of the company adversely affected by a number of external factors.

First, it is the lack of funding from the Ukrainian railways already shipped products.

Secondly, the plant actually stopped receiving compensation from the budget for the value added tax. At the end of the year, the accumulated amount of debt owed to the company amounted to 322.6 mln., Equivalent to the annual salary fund.

However, the average wage per employee at the plant during this period increased by 44.6% to Rs 3677 In the budget and extra-budgetary funds were paid to 165.2 mln., Which is more than the level of 2011 by 42 , 4 mln. The plant is the largest taxpayer in the regional center.

The plans for 2013 to shareholders assembled to the chairman of the supervisory board Viktor Bykadorov.

He said that the business plan for 2013 is expected to increase by 70.0% the volume of production, including the end of the year to make Russian Railways 2TE116U 89 locomotives, 34 diesel locomotive and one 2TE116UD 3TE116U. And received an order from the Uzbek railway locomotive 2TE116UM 3. In addition, the plan must make spare parts and other products for a total of 24.8 million USD. The capital investment for 2013 is provided in the amount of 119.9 mln., Including the modernization of existing equipment — 99.9 mln.

The AGM approved the results of the company in 2012 and plans for the current year.

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