LUKOIL began construction of combined-cycle plant for chemical complex in Budennovsk

OAO "LUKOIL" has started construction of combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) in the regional industrial park, located in the vicinity of the petrochemical enterprise "Stavrolen."

PGU-135 is designed to meet the needs of gas-chemical complex that LUKOIL plans to build on the industrial site Stavrolen. Besides, part of the electrical and thermal energy will be transferred to other consumers in the region.

Electrical power PSU is 135 MW, heat — 58 Gcal / h. The fuel will be used for CCP associated gas, which Lukoil plans to mine fields of the North Caspian Sea.
The efficiency of the PSU exceeds 51%, which corresponds to the highest international standards. Compared with the existing thermal power plants will allow PSU is 1.5 times reduce specific fuel consumption for electricity generation, as well as 2-3 times to reduce the level of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.
PGU-135 in Budennovsk is another project under the LUKOIL obligations under the contract for supply of power (DP) on the wholesale market.

Only in accordance with CSA LUKOIL plans to launch five objects CCPP thermal power plant with total capacity of 890 MW.

In 2011, were put into operation a 110 MW CCGT. Astrakhan and 410-MW CCGT. in Krasnodar. In February 2012, construction of two PSU with total capacity of 235 MW (120MW and 115 MW) in Astrakhan.

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