LUKOIL-Bulgaria Bunker start bunkering fuel RMK-500 and RMK-700

LUKOIL-Bulgaria Bunker launched a fuel specifications RMK-500 and RMK-700 in Varna and Burgas (Bulgaria). Bunkering specified kinds of fuel oil made from the tanker "Bellona".

The product is used container ships and some modern tankers.
LUKOIL-Bulgaria Bunker bunkering in Ruse, Burgas and petroarea Rosenets, Varna (Bulgaria), Constanta (Romania) and pantry (Serbia), as well as at the 61 th mile of the river Danube.

LUKOIL-Bulgaria Bunker in 2012 to increase the supply of bunker fuels by 10% as compared to 2011, despite the abnormally difficult ice conditions at the beginning of the year.

In addition, in 2012 the company acquired the ownership of the tanker "Oilman-1" with capacity of 250 tons.

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