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 We continue to meet with businesses that silently and without pathos Russian move forward.

Long wanted to write about a group of companies "Lumex, but it was no time. And for good reason … 

 20 years ago in St. Petersburg was founded Lumex. Now it is one of the leading manufacturers of analytical instruments in Russia, which supplies its products to 78 countries around the world.

Headquarters: St. Petersburg.

Mission of the company: Moscow (Russia), Hamburg (Germany), Beijing (China), Arlington (USA), Twinsburg (USA).

The company employs more than 300 people, including more than 70 — the developers of new techniques and devices. 


Since 1991, the company has developed more than 30 analytical instruments.

Lumex offers its users more than 120 certified methods of measurement (MVI). Only since 1991 has created more than 100 MVI 17 of which are currently the state and interstate standards.

 The group of companies "Lumex" produces a wide range of analytical instruments for:
fluorescent and photometric analysis;
atomic absorption spectrometry;
FTIR spectrum
HPLC and gas chromatography;
capillary electrophoresis;
Microwave — mineralization;
clinical diagnostics;
mass spectrometry.

Devices developed "Lumex", applied to the analysis of air, drinking water and waste water, food, natural water and soil, radiation protection in medicine, veterinary, sanitary-epidemiological and process control.

Company’s products are in great demand due to its unique combination of versatility and affordable prices, as well as a wide range of services.

Several noteworthy facts: 

1. Mercury analyzer "RA-915 +", produced by the company is included in the list of equipment recommended by the World Health Organization to monitor the air in order to express the identification and localization of sources of mercury pollution. 

* (Mercury analyzer "RA-915 +" was first shown at the conference in Rio de Janeiro (1999), after which they were made the first sale of the mercury analyzer in the U.S. and Europe)

2. The development of "Lumex" in NIR analysis recognized winner of the X «Russian Innovation Contest" in the "Success Story" 

3. In the framework of the European project «HYDRONET» for floating autonomous robots by sensor systems developed for the determination of oil in water 

4. in 2011 started the implementation of complex analytic solutions "Lumex" in the beverage industry in Western Europe and Latin America 

5. carried on in 2011 the Tenth International Conference "Mercury as a Global Pollutant" (24-29 July 2011, Halifax, Canada), the Agency for Environmental Protection submitted a flyer 1 and 2 with "US EPA Tool Kit"For controlling mercury in the flue gases, analytical part of which is the device "RA-915 +" with pyrolytic attachment. However, the non-analytic part also developed the company’s office in Cleveland (Ohio).

6. The company is the first in Russia and the CIS manufacturer of capillary electrophoresis

7. The number of units sold by the company — more than 12,200.


 something from the PRODUCTION COMPANY

Fluid analyzer "FLUORAT ®-02-SNAPSHOT"


 Liquid chromatograph "LYUMAHROM ®»

Capillary electrophoresis system "DROPS ®-104t"

Infrared analyzer "InfraLUM ® FT-40"


Microarray amplifiable nucleic acids in real time AriaDNA ®

Mercury analyzer "RA-915 M"

Atomic absorption spectrometry "MGA-915M/915MD"

TOF mass spectrometer with a gas discharge ionization "LYUMAS-30"

Gamma radiation dosimeter individual radiophotoluminescent "DGI-14"


A little about the service 


From 1 September 2005 a group of companies "Lumex" established a three-year warranty * on equipment produced by the company. Within three years, the user shall be entitled:

free warranty repair devices (at the factory and on-site testing, in accordance with the terms of the guarantee);
free address the shortcomings of equipment in case of non-compliance specifications;
Free remote consultations on the operation of instruments and working with the methodology and software "Lumex". 

 By the way, learning to operate the equipment company — also free. 


Here is such a perfectly ordinary Russian company …. 


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