Lunar eclipse December 10, 2011. Best photos

Lunar eclipse December 10, 2011. Best Photos Facts

The longest lunar eclipse in 10 years occurred on 10 December 2011. In Asia, there is the best moments of a total eclipse, while in Europe it was possible to see only part of the moon at sunrise, and in North America — only with moonset. The next total lunar eclipse to occur only in 2014.

1) The moon casts a reddish hue over Lake Panda Ouray in the U.S., when the moon comes over the mountain Selkirk.

2) Made up of 12 pictures, the photo shows a total lunar eclipse over China. The moon turns red as the Earth's shadow falls on it.

3) Fans gather in the city of Wuhan in China to watch the eclipse.

4) A person watching the eclipse in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur via the tablet computer.

5) A lunar eclipse can be seen near the statue of Buddha in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka.

6) The eclipse observed from the Temple of Hercules in Amman, Jordan.

7) Total lunar eclipse observed in Sydney, Australia.

8) Lunar eclipse over the amusement park in Sydney.

9) A partial lunar eclipse on a television tower in Tokyo, Japan.

10) The eclipse, visible in New Delhi, India.

11) Total lunar eclipse over Karachi, Pakistan.

12) Photographers take pictures during a lunar eclipse over the bridge, "Golden Gate" in San Francisco, USA.

13) The woman used the telescope in the Observatory Sydney to better observe the eclipse.

14) Israelis in Jerusalem watching the lunar eclipse from Mount Scopus.

15) People watch the lunar eclipse, visible over the sign "Hollywood" in Los Angeles, USA.

16) A shooting star is observed during an eclipse of Geyserville, California, USA.

17) The earth's shadow falls on the moon over the Bank of China in Hong Kong.

18) A boy watching lunar eclipse through a telescope at the Planetarium in Beijing, China.

19) astronomers observed the eclipse at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, USA.

20) the moon comes over the bridge, "Golden Gate" in San Francisco, USA.

21) Total lunar eclipse occurs on the tree, known as a "wonderful lone pine" in Japan, which survived the tsunami on March 11.

22) A lunar eclipse occurs over Cologne, Germany.

23) The eclipse is seen above the world-famous center of Buddhist Swayambhunath temple in Kathmandu, Nepal.

24) Total lunar eclipse occurs on the Christmas tree in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

25) Eclipse over the ship in San Diego, California, USA.

26) The eclipse of the National Park in Utah, USA.

27) makes the amateur astronomer shooting lunar eclipse in China on his computer connected through a telescope.

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