M2M company has released a new GPS-tracker

At the end of December 2011 M2M has released a new model of GPS-tracker, reducing the size, leaving Python, and dividing the price of 2. The company also provides so-service GPS monitoring http://gps-tracker.com.ua

User terminals (AT) used in monitoring systems and traffic management, are commercially produced high-end devices. Antibodies are used to receive and process signals from navigation satellites receive data from sensors on the state of the object and connects to the server telematics, transmit control signals to the actuators.

Modules can be lined with mobile objects: vehicles, dump trucks, excavators and other mining and mining and transport equipment. AT "M2M" collects sensor data, including the current position of the object, process them using the internal software, and transmits them via GPRS to a server.
At the moment, as the navigation and communication equipment in the system are used commercially produced M2M GPS / GSM / GPRS-board controllers.

 Photo source:habrastorage.org

Key Features:
• Core: Telit GE863-GPS.
• Number of inputs outputs for connection of sensors: 4 pcs.
• Number of analog inputs: 2 pcs. (Change in voltage from 0 to 12V)
• Number of outputs to control: 2 pcs.
• Digital input — RS-232.
• The antenna is external: 2 pcs. (GSM, GPS)
• Power supply: 6 to 35 volts, reverse polarity protection and over voltage.
• The number of non-volatile memory for storage of data: 2048 kb.
• Built-in rechargeable battery to store the settings and data in the event of a power failure, the control of overcharging.
• Ability to update the device software remotely.
• The maximum input current 2 A, the average input current of 0.15 A.
• Operating temperature range -40 ° C +65 ° C.
• Position accuracy in the open no more than 10 meters.
• Wireless communication with the server (GPRS).
• Device Configuration — SMS, GPRS.

Additional devices connected to our unit.
• CAN-digger (device removal and analysis with the CAN-bus vehicle).
• The LCD matrix to send text messages to the driver.
• Fuel level sensor.
• The sensor passenger counting.

Retail price equivalent. 150 USD

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