M2M telematics breaking records for the production of navigational equipment

The group of companies "M2M telematics" in 2011, has produced and sold about 300,000 units of navigation equipment, which is more than half of the equipment produced by the company for 10 years.

"Total" M2M telematics "has manufactured and sold more than half a million navigation devices, 300,000 of them in 2011 (navigators, chipsets, navigation and communications equipment). Of the total of 150,000 accounts for the GLONASS / GPS-chipset design "GeoStar Navigation" (part of the group of companies "M2M telematics") 52,000 — on-board navigation and communication equipment ", — said the executive director of the Group of companies" M2M telematics " Alexei Smyatskih.

Revenue "M2M telematics" in comparison with 2010 has increased in 2011 by 2.5 times.

Overall, in 10 years of existence, revenues increased by 65 times, he said. "We are increasing our presence in segments such as the introduction of an element of intelligent transport systems and industry-based monitoring and traffic management, development and mass production of a new line of navigation and communication equipment. Develop a regional network of partners. For ten years, we keep high growth for several years officially confirming the position as a technology leader and a key market expert transport telematics and satellite navigation, "- said the executive director.

He said that every day experts "M2M telematics" are equipped with navigational and communications equipment and 200 vehicles.

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