M2M telematics GLONASS has developed a unique solution for high-precision positioning (Moscow)

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"M2M telematics", a leading innovative holding company in the market of transport telematics and satellite navigation, extends object-oriented M2M services.

The group of companies is launching a completely new GLONASS solution for high-precision positioning — a system M2M-HDControl, which will be used as a part of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and specialized in complex monitoring systems for stationary objects: buildings, geomassivov (sliding slopes, slopes and embankments).

"The relevance of creating such a product caused by the massive construction of Olympic facilities in Sochi for sporting events in 2014, is now in the resort town is an active construction of new roads, trails mainly in mountainous areas. In the course of the work the builders repeatedly identified facts geomassivov strain, which, in turn, created a threat to the integrity of the buildings under construction — bridges and overpasses, and in some cases led to the destruction of road constructions. The need to ensure continuous monitoring of these objects is long overdue ", — Says Director of Development Services products and services "M2M telematics" Vitaly Poltoratsky.

Integrated GLONASS-HDControl M2M solution fully automates the process of monitoring the state of the elements in the construction of critical points of the structure and the surrounding geomassiva which depend on a stable and secure functioning of the entire road object. Telematic data precision monitoring are integrated at the level of corporate and regional areas as well as at the level of the federal agency.

To determine the facts out of indicators of deformation and displacement of limits on controlled structural elements facilities installed special navigation equipment GLONASS / GPS-sensors are highly accurate and reliable measurements of various protected from environmental influences. GLONASS / GPS-sensors can track the shift of the structural elements of the object along the three axes — X; Y; Z.

The resulting data is analyzed by telematics deployed server platform, and integrated monitoring indicators are displayed on the monitor screens dispatch center.

In case of exceeding the permissible level of monitored parameters, the system automatically sends a signal to alert and displays the information on the operational and technical condition of the object, based on which, the dispatcher can take prompt measures to inform the relevant services of the current emergency situation on the test object and immediate measures to eliminate it.

The introduction of GLONASS technologies at facilities greatly reduces the risk of emergencies, road accidents and destruction of road facilities, allows a detailed analysis of the nature of nizkodinamichnyh and disturbance in the elements of design structures and adjoining geomassivah, reduce the complexity and turnaround time for monitoring in facilities and much more.

"Moreover, the feasibility study shows that over the five years of operation, high accuracy positioning system savings for the maintenance of road facilities may reach 50%. This analysis confirmed profile scientific institutions of the Ministry of Education and the Russian Academy of Sciences ", — Vitaly Poltoratsky adds.

Running active sales M2M HDSontrol is scheduled for early 2012.

Source: M2M Telematics

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