M2M Telematics has established navigation and information center

Magadan region

Specialists "M2M telematics" created integrated navigation and information center (SIC) Magadan region, which is to ensure the safety of transport in the region will track the movement of vehicles. The press service of the holding.

SIC created with the regional fire and rescue center at the initiative of the Administration of Magadan Oblast.

In SIC installed telematics platform, specialized software, deployed dispatch service. It is assumed that the center will also monitor the movement of the machinery of the various services (ambulance, utilities, emergency, etc.). The further development of the center is also associated with the implementation of the scheduling of passenger transport, passenger information systems in transport (available in online mode, information about the location of transport, its exact arrival at a stop). In the future center will be able to combine all of dispatching the region through the use of a universal telematic platform.

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