M2M telematics introduced the latest high-tech solutions in the exhibition Navitech-2012

"M2M telematics" introduced the latest high-tech solutions in the field of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) at the "Navitech-2012"

This year, as part of the main event of the navigation industry — the International Satellite Navigation Forum and Exhibition "Navitech-2012"Exposure holding"M2M Telematics"Focused on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) as an integral part of modern life -" ITS MY LIFE. "

Leading experts group of companies "M2M telematics" presented to the guests of the show the positive results of the ITS elements that are embedded in the transport complexes regions of Russia, and in real time demonstrated the operation of the navigation market for unique solutions — a system for identification and monitoring of road traffic and high-precision positioning system M2M -HDControl ®, as well as the already well established in the market of integrated information systems  "Safe Bus" and "Smart Stop".Developed by engineers "M2M telematics"The concept of a federal system to order the Department of Automotive Industry and Agricultural Engineering of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation combines satellite navigation technology and radio frequency identification solutions for the problems of vehicle monitoring, remote control documents, identification of objects of transport infrastructure, the provision of additional information services for drivers, etc. In Analysts predict full-scale deployment will reduce the number of road accidents by 5-10%, and will reduce the damage to the economy by at least 2%.

High-precision positioning system M2M-HDControl ® completely automates the process of monitoring the state of the elements in the construction of critical points of the structure and the surrounding geomassiva which depend on a stable and secure functioning of the whole object of road (road and rail transport infrastructure incl.)

It should be noted that today the elements of the ITS Group "M2M telematics" implemented in 102 Russian cities, 52 regions of Russia (Ryazan, Tambov, Sochi, Saratov, Leningrad, Novosibirsk, Penza region, the Altai region, and more. Etc.). Thanks to technology GLONASS  significantly improved the efficiency of public transport, achieved 30% savings on fuel, the rate of arrival of ambulances on calls has doubled, achieved 100% implementation of production tasks of drivers, the regularity of passenger transport accounted for 99.9%, and more. etc.

The exposition "M2M telematics" were also announced the results of the project "ITS Moscow" key project "NIS GLONASS", a technology partner that the company "M2M telematics". At the moment, under the control and video surveillance taken four thousand buses, trolley buses and trams SUE "Mosgortrans." Until the end of the year in the capital will be more than 8 thousand bus safety.

Global manufacturers of passenger vehicles have shown great interest in Russian high-tech development on the basis of GLONASS and in the future intend to use the experience of the "M2M telematics" in the implementation of its project.

In 2012, a group of companies "M2M telematics", the traditional strategic advisory partner of the Forum on Satellite Navigation, meets 10-year anniversary! Activities of holding the entire production chain is successfully conducted in the markets B2B, B2G and B2C. It is with the company’s "M2M telematics" (BIZNESNAVIGATOR) at the time formation of the market of transport telematics and satellite navigation. Today the brand "M2M telematics" is widely known not only in Russia but also abroad.


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