Machine-Building Plant Askold (Primorsky Krai) continues to modernize

Machine-Building Plant "Askold" (Arsenyev, Primorye), who celebrated his seventieth birthday on February 10, is on the pathway to production. As planned, in 2013 began under the sign of the further modernization of the foundry.

In early March, on the model of metallurgical production site received the first model, made in a new three-coordinate milling machine, CNC Modelworks 1325. The equipment is intended for the manufacture of high-quality tooling model of wood, metal, plastic materials for all kinds of casting.

Also, the company continued renewal of the cutting equipment. In the first half of 2013 is planned to purchase two high-performance CNC machine tools equipped with the elements of an automated feeding and discharging blanks for the manufacture of parts of revolution with diameter up to 40 mm and lengths up to 130 mm. The machines are designed for hardware products and components that are used in the traditional "Askold" nomenclature.  

JSC "Askold" — diversified engineering company, one of the largest in the Far East. More than 60 years of "ASKOL’D" produces marine valves high and low pressure of bronze, brass, stainless steel and titanium with port 3 to 250 mm, with more than 1,000 items.

Over 2012 enterprise produced goods and rendered services to nearly 900 million. This is the result of including the modernization of production and the introduction of new technologies.

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