Machine Tool Plant of Sasta (Ryazan region). Launched a new automatic line

October 10 at Machine Tool Plant of "Sasta" the launch of a new automatic line.

Of "Sasta" is one of the largest machine tool companies in the Central Federal District. In the domestic market share of lathes plant is 32%. On the "CACT" produce universal lathes of various sizes, specialized pipe-threading machines, a series of machines with high precision and CNC systems. Products are supplied to defense companies, the oil and gas industry, the automotive industry in all regions of Russia.

Launched Japanese automatic line «Toyoda» $ 3 million is designed for complex machining machine tool, including milling, boring, drilling and threading operations.

Round the clock line serves only 5 people, which can partially solve the problem of shortage of personnel in the company. The new equipment will significantly increase the amount and quality of manufactured products and increase productivity.

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