Machinery equipment AFS added gazoplazmorezhuschey machine

As part of the modernization of production of "AFS" (JSC"Astrakhan Shipbuilding Production Association") has acquired gazoplazmorezhuschuyu car model "Pella-PPlTs."

Equipment features:

MTP "Pella-M-PPlTs" (small)

Thermal cutting machine is designed for high-yield and high-precision shape nesting sheet metal ferrous, nonferrous metals and their alloys using plasma or flame cutting.

Technical data
Accuracy class according to GOST 5614-80 machines 1
Cutting the size of the working area up to 2000 mm
length of 4000 mm
The vertical stroke 150 mm
Portal drive axis X one-way
Travel speed (0.05 … 12.0) m / min
0.0008 … 0.208 m / s
velocity of uneven ± 2,5%
The reproduction accuracy of the program at follow Scribe  
a length of 3000 mm: ± 0,5 mm
with a length of more than 3000 mm: ± 1,0 mm
Overall dimensions of the actuator Length 1900 mm
shirina3220 mm
Height 1780 mm
Power consumption MTP 2.3 kW
Weight (actuator)

620 to


Supplier of machine was JSC "Pella-Mash" (Otradnoe, Leningradskaya Oblast.). This machine provides high precision cutting of parts and performance of up to 10 tons of metal per shift. Assembling the machine by personnel of "AFS" in sudokorpusnom shop number 101. The specialists of JSC "Pella-Mash" performed commissioning. The equipment was successfully put into operation.

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