Made first AESA radars for the PAK FA

Scientific Research Institute of Instrument name V.V.Tihomirova developed and manufactured the first four samples of the radar with an active phased array (AESA), which in the course of flight tests on the fighter of the fifth generation of fully confirms the declared characteristics, the general director of the Institute Yuri White.   

"Today has made four full sample AFAR. One is on the permanent chief designer stand in NIIP Tikhomirov, the second — on the company "Sukhoi", the third — the third flight model of promising aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA) and has already started flight testing "- said on Yu.Bely held in the Berlin Air Show "ILA 2012".

According to him, in the first few flights of almost all of the claimed features of the new radar AFAR were confirmed: and in the "air-to-air" and in the "air-to-surface". Yu.Bely reported that the fourth sample is put AESA radar at the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association. "It is now established on the fourth plane, which must relocate to Gromov Flight Research Institute and join the flight test.

So the program goes on. In fact, according to the schedule agreed with the company "Sukhoi" — a spokesman said.

He noted that there are certainly some difficulties, but they are all connected with component base. "While it is still buggy, reliable wants to be better. Therefore, due to the complexity of our very greatly increased ", — said A. White.

However, according to him, the recent progress has been made. "Progress is noticeable. Price AFAR has declined in two and a half times, increased reliability. We believe that subsequent samples will come with less straining and more stable performance. To launch into production PAK-FA radar with an active phased array will be fully worked out, "- said Yu.Bely.

He noted that later created on the basis of the fifth generation fighter AESA radar with plans to develop several new modifications that will be applied to other military aviation technology.

"Just as the passive phased array, the line AESA will develop. It will be of scalability will be new versions ", — said A. White.

As an example, he cited locator "Irbis", which is set on the multi-purpose fighter Su-35. "Today, he is in demand for land applications, we apply it to the instrumental part of the phased array. Who decided to place this on the radar long-range bomber Tu-22M3 and a strategic bomber Tu-160 and its modernization, "- said Yu.Bely.

According to him, the most important factor that will soon deter the use of AFAR — is the cost, since this radar is several times more expensive than the locators with slotted and passive bars. "Opportunities in AESA radar, of course, is much higher, but we have somehow accepted that it is necessary to make a new sample was less than the previous one, and its characteristics have to be much better. But it does not happen "- said Yu.Bely.

It was reported earlier that the developed Research Institute of Instrument name V.V.Tihomirova AESA radar can increase the detection range, parallel work in "air-to-air" and "air-to-surface", to recognize and classify group and single objects simultaneously attack multiple targets high-precision weapons, as well as provide communication and electronic countermeasures.

According to the correspondent of the newspaper "Military-Industrial Courier," news agencies ARMS-TASS and Interfax-AVN

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