Made for us: A. Serdyukov explained the need for the purchase of foreign technology

The Russian Defense Ministry has resorted to buying weapons and military equipment of foreign manufacture to push the Russian industry to the creation of new types of defense products. In an interview to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. In addition, he said, so the military department is trying to identify those sectors in which Russian industry has lagged behind manufacturers.

"We want to encourage the industry to the creation of modern weapons systems. This task can be both at the expense of their own development, and the establishment of cooperative relationships with foreign companies. This purchase of a license, the organization of joint production of weapons, equipment, components and separate units in our territory, "- said Serdyukov.

The full interview with A. Serdyukov on payroll of about housing for military personnel and many other topics on the pages of the "Russian Newspaper":

Recurring need to buy foreign military products also explains the "financial constraints". "Defense can not buy products that do not correspond to international prices, international requirements for quality and performance of military products", — said the minister, noting, however, that prior to the War Department in the first place is the task to bring the pace of defense production to the level of 1980 .

However, the conduct of foreign purchases of military equipment production on a large scale Department of Defense does not intend, and thanks to those purchases military intend to formulate the requirements for the technology developed in Russia. As an example, Serdyukov has led the Italian armored vehicles Iveco, a co-production which is scheduled to open in Voronezh. "We took them for a test of resistance to erosion of mine and verify the declared characteristics. Undermined checked — and made sure all matches "- said Serdyukov.

Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry was able to negotiate with local producers about the cost of military products. In particular, the contracts will now be under a fixed-price, all the parameters of the agreement will be determined in advance, even when it comes to long-term projects. "Floating" is a factor of inflation — "if it is laid in 6 per cent, and in fact there were 5 or 7 is recalculated."

The profitability of production of a particular type of military products will also be laid in the contract. Under the new rules, if an entity acquires parts from other companies, the Ministry of Defence for an extra charge for these products shall not exceed the percentage. If we are talking about their own production, the profitability can be 20-25 percent.

"Moreover, in some cases, we are willing to pay even the profitability of 30-35 percent. But on one condition. The difference should go to the modernization of the enterprise, the purchase of new technologies and licenses, "- said Serdyukov, adding that the delay in execution of the order for the company will be fined. During the late manufacturer must pay a one-time penalty of five percent of the cost of the order, and to 0.1 per cent of the cost for each day of delay.

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