Made in Russia-2: Modernization

Before turning to the specific examples of the production, I want to warn the application of such a plan, "Well, done, but it got from the Soviet Union and its nothing to build"

Truth in these words there, but some of the favorite words do here is obviously out of place. And here’s why. Let’s first take a simple thing, which by itself can prove that we have built a great deal. Look at the statistics of imports.

As is known, Russia’s trade surplus, that is, we sell more than we buy. But it is clear that it is provided mainly through the export of energy resources. Although, as I mentioned, production and transportation of energy resources is in itself a high-tech industry, not talking about it. What do we buy for these very oil money. 

Well, clearly that is, food, clothing, cars, general, everything in general, since we do not manufacture. So answer us with knowledge of the matter, any man in the street, that’s all we know, he added. Meanwhile, far from it. Let’s look at the commodity structure of imports. And we will see that the products are consumer goods, and there is not too prominent position, and half of imports are machinery and equipment.

Now think about why a country might need machinery and equipment. 

I think not. But buy equipment at 50-100 billion dollars, and even every year, it’s not so easy to hide, it means something.  Of the $ 266 billion $ 136 billion of imports are machines and equipment. This is the data for 2008, but before that the figure was approximately half of the imports. It is clear that because of the crisis, imports of machinery and equipment decreased, but still remains at a level of 50% of the total.

Important note: Yes, HS 84-90 includes not only the equipment and means of production, but also consumer goods, automobiles, electronics, and even yachts (a measly 0.5%). But if we are guided FES data their share of no more than 50% of the aforesaid amount. That is, it is safe to say that nearly $ 70 billion investment it imports, that is, machines, equipment, and other products acquired by enterprises as part of the investment in fixed assets. This is also very much!

What does this mean? Nothing else it can not mean other than the fact that there is a total modernization. Equipment at $ 70 billion, which is about equivalent to the construction of 10-20 giant enterprises from scratch. 

But where are these companies? I can not see them for some reason. A very simple, these businesses we already have, they are left to us by the Soviet Union. But it’s been 20 years, of course they are out of date, and need to upgrade, do not throw away. After all plants were built not anywhere, they were built at selected locations in the vicinity of sources of raw materials, markets, transport infrastructure is taken into account, and if necessary it was created, considered energy opportunities, human resources. It’s all a very important part of the normal business. It is only in the minds of naive idiots are all very simple, built a factory, and then could not care less, the main report that is built giant. The government rightly understands that the important thing now is to restore what is already there, those plants where there is a whole infrastructure. Until we restore them, it makes no sense to build new. And it may well be so and will not have, all the same markets are not rubber.

So, once Russia buys so much equipment, so it goes somewhere, and if we do not see a grand building, then it goes to the modernization of existing plants. That is, the country is a total and global modernization.

It’s amazing of course, but I think there are still many people who do not believe this logic, they want facts. The facts of the sea, but not as many as we would like. If we have about the new plants do not scream too loudly, such as a modest, the modernization of the jumps only in the original paper. That’s how I found out about the modernization of the plant Rostelmash. My uncle worked there, and I like that I came to visit, and honored the factory newspaper that proudly reported that the plant is complete adjustment of laser cutting and bending of the complex and other equipment. 

Second, most of the equipment is on the strategic defense industry, and there is too much to dwell on his domestic affairs do not like. The quiet all do. 

But despite this information, of course you can get, it is not evident, and therefore could be heard shouting that supposedly did not build, they think that they have to come in person to report to the President and all the facts of construction. And time does not report, then it is not. It does not work, there should bother. Well, go over the sites.


In a carriage shop Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant (NEVZ) completed commissioning of new lathes with numerical control for large gears. Installation and start-up testing of the equipment carried out in accordance with the program of modernization of the enterprise first batch of modern equipment of the German company LAEMPE came at the end of December 2006 to Bezhitsk Steel Plant (BSZ), according to a press release, "TransMashHolding"

"Red Boiler"

Taganrog Boiler Plant "Red Boiler" (the main production asset of the company "EMA") acquires a new line of spiral fin tubes. Supplier of advanced equipment will make the South Korean company «HAN-SUNG»

Energomash (Group COMPANIES)

Developed and implemented a program of modernization of enterprises. Within its framework, for example, completely updated machinery equipment in the production complex "metal factory" (to date he has better than other domestic enterprises such structure). The plant installed a new hot-dip galvanizing line, which is one of the largest in Russia and the CIS, purchased and put into production machines from "FICER", mastered by gas cutting machine company "MESSER" welding machines company "LINCOLN". Total for technical re-equipment and reconstruction of the company during the 2000 — 2004 years. spent more than 567 million rubles. …. implemented a comprehensive plan for modernization of the plant "Belenergomash", calculated for the period from 2002 to 2005, the first phase of the project (2003) purchased 82 units with an aggregate value of 367.2 million rubles. Total for 2002-2004 years. purchased 250 units of new technology. All equipment — computer numerical control, one machine replaces the work of 12-15 people. In addition, over the past five years in the reconstruction and technical re-equipment "Sibenergomash" invested 35 million rubles. "Atommash" — 126.5 million rubles. OJSC "NLMK"

is one of the leaders of the Russian metallurgical industry in the adoption of technological innovations. The production company’s strategy includes reconstruction and introduction of modern technologies. The program of modernization and development, which was launched in 2000, is a key element of the strategy of the company. Sitronics

Since 2009, in cooperation with the state corporation RUSNANO in partnership with the European industry leader STMicroelectronics company is implementing a project to establish a production line of chips with 90 nanometer to 200 mm wafers.

Why so little, you say? Well first of all it is a very large company, one of the largest in Russia in their industries. Second, and are a group of companies including several huge plants such TransMashHolding this several electric locomotive plant, wagon, steel and others. TransMash
Holding spends annually on research and development and technical upgrading of up to 3 billion rubles. Examples of mass, and the links to download the article is not desirable. Total is still not listed. 

Actually Shortcuts are for very very hard-nosed. At the very fact better than the figures of import of equipment can not be said of any one link. And vice versa the links themselves can not give full information as they do not bring. A detailed statistics, it seems, we have not carried out or closed. It is a pity of course that the government does not care about his own image.

It is a pity also that the citizens of this state are ready to shit on it with gusto. The money is in foreign banks, they cry, not knowing that every year tens and hundreds of billions of dollars are spent on upgrades. And that’s just the amount of imports, and Russia itself produces a large share of the equipment, this we can talk again in the future. 

Yes, now you tell me what it is Russia and abroad, procuring equipment, which itself does not. And what is it doing? On the Soviet machine that a minimum of 20 years? In order that would make his own, you need to start purchasing on what is his to do. As I said earlier, we are far behind, thanks to all sorts of behind-the reformers Gaidar. You can cry about the Soviet Union, but it will not come back, you need to look forward. Even Stalin did not disdain to import equipment, even in the later years of Brezhnev did not hesitate to buy the Italians VAZ, and nothing has paid off, I think.

Modernization good, but what about the building? And the construction of new production goes to Russia. Too bad the crisis crippled the excellent trend. As that before the crisis, I counted about 20 month open new facilities. Not the Giants nor handicraft workshops, and quite full of plants. But this will be the topic of my further publications, do not miss :)

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