Made in Russia-3: Construction

Modernization is good, but unfortunately, many of the production was so destroyed the Democrats in the 90’s, which is quite impossible to recover them. But not only because of their physical destruction, but also because the production chain were destroyed, and the state itself was divided into independent territory, changed market, market capacity, Russia suddenly found itself in a silent isolation, former friends in the socialist camp, while we enthusiastically demolishing their country shifted to the west. 

Many people think that Build a factory and all, here’s the jobs, here’s production. But this is not so, without any plant markets is a pile of concrete and iron. Therefore, recovery of production a long, complex and laborious process. Resources are limited, and that would not throw good money after bad, you need to carefully consider the project. In the new conditions the restoration of old productions is simply meaningless. Much as possible to grieve for lost production, but unfortunately the fact remains that some of them simply can not be restored, since their products are now useless. 

But people used to work there, and where they are now working? Where to go? So, of course, the construction of new production facilities, in return for the destruction of old. And a work in progress.

Before the crisis, I like that I became interested in the subject of building new plants, and was surprised to find that in the month opens about 20 productions! Yes, it’s not the Giants, but quite a neat little factory that produce real products. With the onset of the crisis, unfortunately, the rate fell, but now slowly beginning to return to the previous level. This new production opened last month.

Plant for the production aerokompozitov preparing to launch

In Kholmsky district opened a factory for the reproduction of salmon

Novgorod firm "Grumant" started production of pharmaceutical substances

SIBUR started manufacturing non-woven geotextile in Kemerovo capacity of 9.4 million tons per year

The plant "Technonikol-Siberia" is launching a new production of extruded polystyrene and mineral plates worth 1.1 billion rubles

Berezniki Soda Plant has launched a new production of heavy soda. In fact, the new enterprise. The project cost $ 50 million

On the "Sukholozhskcement" launched the fifth production line

On Sakhalin, built a new hatchery

The new plant in Argayashskaya area: Production will fully cover the need to "Uralbroiler" and Rodnikovskoye pig farm, which is being built in the nearby area Chyrvonaarmeiski

In Omsk, the launch of the first phase of a glass factory

"Satan-device" — a new high-tech manufacturing

Not the Giants, I agree, but that, for the most part, only in the last month, and that it was possible to find the news. It was only completed works, and not those on which construction began. 

It is also interesting information for the previous year can be read here and here

And this is the older designs

The new production of "Power Machines", based on the most modern technology, will expand the company’s production capacity and produce new types of equipment for power industry

Company "C-Airlaid"

Autoclaved aerated concrete plant Chelyabinsk

"CARBO-Ceramics" (Eurasia) — Factory ceramic proppants

Agro-industrial complex with capacity of 50 000 head, paragraph Trasna Moscow region.

Agricultural firm "Vinogradov", Lipetsk region

In the Chelyabinsk region in May, will open another plant: in the regional center will produce a new generation of heat pipes

A new plant for the production of vaccines was opened in Moscow region

Glass factory worth 200 million euros was built in Ryazan region

In Uglich opened a new factory building equipment

Near Kazan opened only in the post-production plant polycarbonate sheet

Launched a new plant for the production of laminates

Zheleznogorsk in the Krasnoyarsk region was put into operation the first starting complex of the plant semiconductor silicon production capacity of 200 tons of polysilicon per year

The new plant will fully satisfy the need Angara in cement

The company "Mashimpeks" — the production capacity of 3,000 plate heat exchangers and 200 individual heating units per year.

Laying the foundation stone Yuzhnorussky steel plant took place on the Don

And these plants and a small factory and hundreds of thousands across the country! Enumerate all are not listed, and the farther back in time the more difficult to get information, so I brought mostly more or less new construction. And what about the big plants, you ask? Bear them alone, they are certainly less, but they exist. 

The plant "Ural Locomotives." Russia’s first plant to produce a new generation of electric locomotives opened in Sverdlovsk region. Today continues retrofitting the plant, and by 2011 it will be able to produce 120 articulated locomotives a year.

The plant began to mass-produce long-haul freight locomotives 2ES6 series for the first time in national practice applying the steps re-clock technology modular conveyor assembly. In April last year the plant was launched the first production facility, designed for production of sections 120 locomotives a year. As a result, UZZhM created one of the most modern high-tech facilities in the industry.

A new car-building plant in Tikhvin (Leningrad region). In all under construction, planned that the company will be 3500 workers.

"GAZ Group" continues the project JAMZ-530. Thanks to its own investments "GAZ Group" of more than 3 billion rubles. project JAMZ-530 entered the final phase, associated with the preparation and launch of the

July 12 Kstovsky region Nizhny Novgorod region, a solemn ceremony of laying the first stone in the foundation of Russia’s largest integrated complex "RusVinyl" for the production of polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

JSC "Helicopters of Russia" and the Italian company Agusta Westland on Tuesday started the construction of a joint venture for the production of AW139 helicopters in suburban Tomilin

The construction of plants for the production of polycrystalline silicon

Concern "Tractor plants" / Cheboksary / launched in test mode operation in high-tech manufacturing to produce a new generation of freight wagons

I still do not consider projects of foreign companies, such data only for St. Petersburg

Toyota — Automobile Works;

Nissan — Automobile Works;

General Motors — Automobile Works;

Bosch und Siemens Hausgerate GmbH — plant for the production of household appliances;

Knauf — plant for the production of gypsum boards in Kolpino;

Elcoteq — plant telecommunications equipment;

Gillette — plant razors.

Suzuki — build car plant;

Hyundai — build car plant;

Sungwoo hitech — construction of an industrial park for the production of automotive components

Foxconn — the construction of a plant for the production of high-tech computer equipment;

And it’s not just the assembly, because in many automotive plants provide a complete production cycle, but many parts are manufactured in Russia. For example at the plant Sollers launched production of stamped parts. A Taga
z not only produces cars under license, but already introduced their own models. You can turn the nose, of course, but it’s jobs, and rightly so. Anyway, Stalin did not disdained by Ford, and Brezhnev did not hesitate to ask the Italians to help with the construction of the plant in the USSR.

But the hotheads require almost a second industrialization in Russia. But what kind of industrialization can be a question of when and existing plants are not loaded? Look for the aviation industry, thank God, we basically saved it, but how we build airplanes per year? One or two? And these facilities allow you to build hundreds of aircraft. Build a car factory are new? And then where to put products if the existing work in the field of power?

I am interested in such a question, imagine that the government has got a lot of money in 2000, very much. And the government they had built many factories, high-tech, big, beautiful. And then came the crisis. You imagine what it collapse? 

I am saying that any global project that should be supported not only by the desire, need to be assessed all of the risks and should be justification prospects. So, in the present conditions in Russia there is no need to global industrialization. Now the main thing for us is to restore something that can still be restored, and replace what can not be restored. Yes, and with an eye on our current market.

Many people like the modernization remember Stalin. I have respect for this governor, but it must be understood that Stalin was in one setting, and we in the other. It is foolish to think that Quicken now Stalin, and he immediately began to build factories. What are the conditions were Stalin and do not have.

But you say, and what started the collectivization of Stalin? (Liberasty, Yea, we know that Stalin was a murderous tyrant). A simple, collectivization has been started for that would form the basis of modernization. The collective farms were to be the consumer of industrial products, as well as owner-driver could not afford to buy a tractor, a farm could. Consuming industrial products, collective farms were to increase productivity, and thereby free up manpower for the further growth of the industry. So, Stalin had two components — a market, and working hands. And the potential, given that 85% of the country, whose population was more than we have now, were peasants. 

We have no such capacity or labor or markets. And as long as this does not appear, no global settings not wait.

But the plants are not uniform industry alive. For the industry needs energy. And then we have something to be proud of. In Russia, several construction of new nuclear power units. 

Novovoronezh NPP-2

Construction of the first unit started in 2007 and will be commissioned in 2012, the second unit founded in 2008, respectively, will begin its operation in 2013.

Rostov NPP

Began construction of the third and fourth units. 

Leningrad NPP-2

To date, the construction site of the Leningrad NPP-2 are working on the 51st object units number 1 and number 2, which involved more than 2,500 people, 50 cars and 89 special arrangements.

Beloyarsk NPP

The body of the BN-800 reactor at the Kola nuclear power plant will collect at the end of this year.

Baltic NPP

The construction of the Baltic NPP is clearly in line with the plan. In July, he made 100 per cent, the amount disbursed from the beginning of the capex amounted to 802.72 million rubles

And as

in 2011 — the fourth power unit of Kalinin NPP

in 2012 — the first unit of Novovoronezh NPP-2

in 2013 — the first unit of the Leningrad NPP-2

in 2014 — the fourth power unit (with the reactor to "fast breeder") Kola NPP and the third unit of Volgodonsk NPP

in 2015 — the fourth unit of Volgodonsk NPP

in 2016 — the second unit of the Leningrad NPP-2, the second unit of Novovoronezh NPP-2 and the first unit of the Baltic NPP.

Already built

Kalinin nuclear power plant — the third power

Rostov nuclear power plant — the second power

Are you impressed? Look at the map of power plants under construction in Russia. Let me remind you that the power plant is a very complex structure. A nuclear power plant is even more complicated and expensive.

In addition, there is a building huge Boguchan plant, built Bureyskaya hydroelectric power. Both were launched in the USSR, but their construction has proceeded only in the 2000s.

There is a construction of bridges over the rivers of Russia. We decided to talk about it only when bridges start to dance, this is the essence zhurnalizdov, but most of the bridges in Russia do not dance so do not talk about them, and should be.

I feel closer to all the under construction bridge over the Don, Rostov-on-Don. Construction is affecting the pace and by the end of the year to be completed. This is not only a bridge, but the whole system solutions. But apart from this project sea

In the Altai, in 2011. planned to complete construction of the bridge over the r.Katun

Construction of the bridge is completed in Samara, Kirov in 2012

In Ulyanovsk bridge construction was completed in November 2009, it is one of the largest bridges in Europe. The bridge is about 6 km, and with the approach — about 13 kilometrov.Polnym swing construction of the bridge to the island of Russian in Vladivostok

The third road bridge in Novosibirsk across the Ob

And many, many others.

Probably my article you will not strike. Probably, you would expect that I’ll tell you about the construction of thousands of huge factories, of which you know nothing. Well, if you need plants, and necessarily large, and that would be high, and even where they are, on what raw materials to work, who to sell their products, a secondary question for you, it means you are more important to show-off. I’m a realist, and I understand that just pour money and built near the plants is easy. Only then we get the "rust belt" of the type the famous American. Will stand and rust around these giants. So I deliberately did not bring here factories producing raw materials and production systems. Although without any high-tech factory will not work, but it’s not interesting. I almost missed and the food industry and agriculture. Although large livestock farms built many. This is something I like to tell apart. Also interesting topic.

What is more important. Even after the Russian crisis, the industry is growing and evolving, in part due to their resources, partly by foreign investors, which is also good. And who will turn the language to say that Russia did not build? 

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