Made in Russia-5: VAZ

In previous articles outlined the general situation with the production in the country. The general sense that I wanted to put in my previous article — not as bad as some would like, but there is definitely something to strive for. Now it’s time to talk about the real production plants in Russia. I wanted to start with Rostselmasha, but decided to leave it until later on, and touch on the theme that is so overgrown with stereotypes that my mother did not worry.

Here’s what’s interesting, the people who criticize the WHA, often do not do it because usually people criticize goods. At the WHA usually lash out in fury, even hanging a lot of labels and stamps. And this is done by those who srodu to Ladakh did not go, and if they went, then remembers them for the Soviet Zhiguli.

That’s what the big rage, I do not understand. Usually make reference to the fact that the alleged plant is supported by our people’s money. But gentlemen, in fact, many factories in the world, one way or another have been supported by their countries. Same Germany did not scruple to introduce its program of recycling of old cars, and GM is also trying to save for a long time. Any country in the world maintains its producer, if necessary, and protective duties. Many cite the example of China, when they want to show the inferiority "Raska", but when the same people start to criticize our government for duties on used foreign cars, they like something about China modestly silent, while there exist draconian conditions of import and sale of imported cars. Well if the quality of Chinese would be high, so they’re worse than ours, and conscience is something the Chinese government was not tortured.

Well, okay China SSCHA, this beacon of democracy and the market, in the 90s, introduced protective tariffs against Japanese cars, and then fought hard with Japan on this issue. Korea as through draconian birth to his duties auto industry, despite the fact that Korea has always been in the pocket of a market in the United States, because it is a purely American project, as opposed to the DPRK, and the conditions for the Republic of Kazakhstan has always been the most favorable.

By the way the U.S. is just nothing helped. Production of cars in this country for 5 years, only dropped 2-fold from 10 million units up to 5! Something Americans are not too angry at your car industry, and yet the government has spent billions to fight the crisis, and including support for their producers.

In response to this, many will say to me, okay if you really would like to help improve the situation, and that in fact produced as a trough on wheels and produce. Who thinks so without reading further, raise your hand! I think there are not enough, because the stereotypes powerful thing. By the way, you did not know that trollizm is common practice in the competition in the Internet Age? Stories from collapsing Lada, which is filled with the Internet, it is often proplachennye posts. Manufacturers do not pay, of course, pay car dealers and dealers. But that’s how stereotypes are formed.

Argue with the fact that the frets lower on a number of parameters foreign cars — stupid. Yes inferior, but you look at the price. How many is five? 180 thousand? Where do you buy a real four-door sedan BC Class of 6000 $? You are not satisfied that there is no air conditioning, power steering and brakes? Do not buy, who makes you? But while these cars are in demand, what questions to VAZ?

By the way, my father’s 14th model. I recently asked him what kind of damage had it for five years. He remembered that somehow somewhere in the suspension collapsed bearing — or the result of rural roads, or workmanship. AND THAT’S IT! For five years! Of course, this is my father was lucky. Yes, I do carry with examples and vases I do not break, and the fields are seeded, and the village is beautiful. Everywhere devastation, only around me paradise. Oh well, I digress.

So, you are not forced to buy outdated but cheap top five. Do not like it, take it more expensive to Samara. Not satisfied, take Kalina! Do not like it, take it prior. Also not, buy a foreign car, and wake up happy. What are the problems?

In general, the complexity of AvtoVAZ with the beginning of the crisis, which resulted in the need for state support to be related to the fact that the WHA spent huge efforts on the development! Large debts of the plant is the result of the WHA was not satisfied and demand for Lada Samara, and developing, developing a lineup, updated production, developing new models. Naprimerobratite focus on project-C, which although not embodied in a production car (yet?), But many achievements obtained in the course of its development, I’m sure more will serve our automotive industry, such as the engine created by the project. The vase is working on, and no one expects and hoped never criticized these cars 30 years ago. They are available until sold, but not long ago are the basis of the production program. 

Project — C (VAZ 2116)
Ten years ago, the most advanced model of the plant was "ten". Of all the benefits of civilization there were only windows. No airbags, no air conditioner, no ABS, NOTHING!

Now a dozen turned into a Prior. From the dozens, in fact, there were only the doors and the roof. Prior is not a completely new car, but it’s not a ten. And in this example perfectly clear what he did WHA all the time.

Trim Priory glad it’s air conditioning, and ABS and two airbags, factory radio dvuhdinovaya (by the way the Urals), USB and Blutusom, rain and light sensors, parking sensors, will soon be automatic, and even the navigator! And all this for a price below 400,000, fully loaded. In the segment of vans so there is not a single competitor.

And I do not need tryndet about the poor quality and the lead stories from his life. This equipment and any equipment breaks down, even foreign cars. And they too have a congenital disease, and as often withdraw manufacturers (WHA also withdrew). The more so that the level and quality of VAZ cars is growing all the time. In fact the Priory, which is now off the production line, and the first, very different. The vase is constantly working on the bugs, the experience of real-world use in cars is constantly being modified refinement. And why not do it all at once? And no one does, so do the manufacturers of the world, just keep quiet about it. Yes, and they have experience in the manufacturing of a modern car higher, and our accounts to learn from their mistakes. And they learn, that’s what matters! The same Priora was first Phase 1, the so-called, but was quickly prepared Phase 2 * Better and more importantly safe. But apart from these phases is continuously upgrading. 

Perhaps I am accused in the advertising VAZ did not believe that what I wrote is true. By the way, take this opportunity to say that if I had someone at my office will offer the money, I will not give up :) But at the moment I’m writing this for free. I do not like stereotypes, and that’s it. 

So throw away their stereotypes of a decade ago, VAZ had long been basins on wheels, and modern cars, with an excellent quality / price ratio. Not to boast, but for that would not believe it, to move from point A to point B, and to do it in comfort.

* Body Priory Phase II has 36 reinforced parts. New
upper parts, engine shield form a rigid box-like structure, and the separation of welding points from pillar "locked out" bolt-mounted amplifier and its arm (red).
Door: slanting bar security with powerful arms and the upper plate on the inner panel. On the front side door is provided "emergency hook", to introduce the recess rack — it prevents the door from opening
The bottom ten amps, including within the thresholds, longitudinal and cross. Ribbed "ski" at the feet of the driver — a "double floor", the strength of which is much higher than that of conventional extruded sheet 

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