Made in Russia-7: Rostsel’mash

In this article, I want to tell you about the plant Rostselmash. Surprisingly, this huge plant almost unknown in central Russia, and especially in the cities. And for good reason, to have the hallmarks of Rostselmash, and especially in recent years.

Rostselmash plant is in the city of Rostov-on-Don, and is the largest manufacturer of agricultural machinery in the country. In 90 years, the plant was virtually most of the workers were laid off, including my uncle, who worked at the plant for more than a decade. But in the early 2000s, a revival of the plant.

The plant was modernized, equipment was installed for the laser welding of car bodies, and agriculture, gradually began to acquire new equipment. The workers began to return to the factory.

But the plant is not only spent upgrading, and restored the production of combine harvesters, created back in the USSR. PCM began development of new models, and successfully introduced into production. To be honest, even for me, it sounds fantastic, but then as I will explain below, this is true.

First was the "Vector" — Forage 4th grade, inexpensive, compact, and modern. Implementing it in production can already be considered at that time a great achievement, all the same it is not an upgrade, but really a new model developed by the plant.

In April 2007 the company "Rostselmash" has started serial production of combine harvesters Acros 530. Acros — combine the fifth grade, it is equipped with on-board computer, voice messaging system that warns when to slow down or when the oil comes to an end

TORUM 740 — High-performance rotary combine harvester, which allows to remove a number of crops on fields with high yield and soil fertility complex. Combine TORUM 740 is designed for traditional harvesting of grains and grains of cultures and separate direct harvesting. Wide range of harvested crops, from wheat to rice. High-performance processor with a threshing rotor circuit is well suited farms with large areas of crop and high yield: the more loaded the machine, the more effective it becomes a job.

Torun is the first model of 7th class in the history of Rostsel’mash, and it is the first to combine threshing rotor circuit. In 2008 Rostsel’mash at the World Exhibition in Paris, received a silver medal for innovation! So who’s out there screaming that we only oil can drive?

In addition to the harvesters, RSM has been producing two models of combine harvesters.

DON 680M

RSM 1401

The plant did not dwell on it, and recently acquired a plant in Canada to manufacture tractors. Emo Patriots immediately tell fairy, it was necessary to build a factory and even in Russia. But the thing is that the purchase of the plant in Canada will go Rostselmash the North American market with their combines. Do you think they are not wanted? You should not think so, because Rostsel’mash among the top five global manufacturers of agricultural equipment, and covers 17% of the world market!

By the way, Rostsel’mash, despite the opposition of Belarus, sells its technology and there. But in Belarus has its own production, but also the Russian buying.

In addition to the above models, Rostsel’mash continued producing and old, well-proven, familiar and cheap. This is an example of the way for critics of AvtoVAZ, which continues to release the obsolete classics like seeing Rostsel’mash does so well, is developing a new model, but realizes that not everyone can afford them. So he’s a little old model updated and released its dnaznaiem Niva-Effect. For the small farmer the most it.

Besides all this, Rostsel‘mash produces many other products, but it is not that interesting, go to the website and see for yourself.

That’s how we die industry, and so that’s anti-people power plunders our country. And of course, there is nothing to rejoice, since it is clear that only a oligrahi cashing in on the release of the newest models of combines, and therefore would be better if they did not let out. So?

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