Made in Russia. Small, but successful

And it’s very single-minded, hard-working. Not every adult (and especially so, as the authors of comments listed at the end) is capable of so carefully and thoughtfully prepare for the launch of its project. And even more so — to break all the walls and get financing.

You can be sure that even if you do not have all the lads will go smoothly with advanced projects, it does not lower the arms.





Schoolboy from Peter created his own media and became the voice of young people in adult policy

  • Ales Lonskaya

Sergei Abramov, 16 years old, he is a student of 9th class usual St. Petersburg school. He created the site "blog school know-all." It publishes news, science in basic school subjects, reviews of educational resources, and it all makes Sergei alone. He found a sponsor, has connected 5,000 schools to the system webinars, and now wants to change the system of education and to ensure that people get the right to vote at age 16.


Six months ago, I wrote an article entitled "Rating stuffed" — about how the dependence on social media can bring to teen suicide. Sergey has left her a comment. So we met.

"As a teenager, I am 16 years old, I can say that is a serious generation gap. How do you evaluate a teenager playing in small towns, football and dolls. But my peers — people with older competencies. Take gamers — ostensibly curse of my generation. Antisocial, does not interest me. But remove the disease and the word "game":

— Social (group of guys get off in the games, plan joint activities, allocate roles and responsibilities);

— Focus in difficult conditions. The strategies teenager operates in thousands of uncontrollable factors, with limited resources, responsive to market conditions. This is generally a potential top-class manager. In the game the guys arrange psychological attacks and maneuvers learned PR. This is a competence of the highest class. And what is offered adults? Circle of soft toys?

This vacuum, cocoon around teenagers, which is a perversion of anything of value, create the adults around us. I’m planning to come up with a legislative initiative to fundamentally change this situation. "

Here’s what was written by Sergei.

We met at the Russian Internet Week, where he came from Peter, because he is interested. Director of the Department of State Policy in the Ministry of Communications Media Ekaterina Larina said something into the microphone about the law on the blacklist sites. Then I saw the second row puny gray-eyed teenager. Learned.

— Sergey, take this opportunity to express your respect and respect for the site that you are doing. Everyone would be encouraged to stop by.

Sergei is known not only officials from education and from the media, but many school teachers across the country. Already 5,000 schools have placed on your site announcements webinars — lectures on the internet for school children. This campaign also launched a St. Petersburg teenager.

I go to his website Opens the "Ancient History" and see the article "20 misconceptions about ancient Rome." Such structured information for "video clip of consciousness" schoolboy interesting than a textbook. In the "Literature" can find the history of Russian youth slang and great article about how to create a fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland." All articles Sergey wrote himself, using many reliable sources. He makes a useful review in study sites, the blog loads a puzzle, spends among school quiz. Now online just hang a banner next quiz and the announcement of the webinar "Energy future date."

When did you come up with the idea to create a website for students?

It all started like this: in 2008, my parents connected to the internet and I started looking for content for their age. But he found nothing but "Kommersant" and Heathcliff.

This is for your own age was content?

I like to read an interesting journalism. But at first it was difficult to perceive, and this led me to believe that other teens are also looking for informative, and most importantly, tailored content for yourself and do not find. Thus was born the idea of the "know-alls Blog school." But I did not have any knowledge in computer science and to promote the Internet, so the two years I just sat and studied it all. I have been collecting information on which platform is better to do a site like buying domains, how to promote the portal among schoolchildren. Since none of the others could not teach me this, I had to read the old university textbook on marketing. In 2010 I launched the site. At first it was purely a research portal, and then he became a general developmental.

And how do you promote your website?

Initially, he only visited students at my school, and I have tried to understand what content is interesting to schoolchildren. Then I went on to other schools with a request to place a banner of my blog on their website. In parallel, I started a blog to promote the social networks, in my group of "VKontakte" comprise 40,000 students. This is usually teenagers from 15 to 18 years. I also began to interact with the major sites for educators and distribute information through them.

You are conducting a survey that they are interested in?

Yes, and in the schools and among the visitors. I had to know what the statistics. Funny, but all interested teens. And scientific discoveries and technology, and entertainment. But I try to publish only intelligent news. Dumb enough without me. Once a programmer said RUnet of children grows dull, saying that too many senseless content.

The site does not earn money?

No, his fund sponsors.


How did you find them?

I went to the contest start-ups, was willing to give up part of the project investor. And there are serious people were — run billions vast experience, large corporations. With many startups do not stand on ceremony, and in my case, apparently, has played the role of age. And in my group of well-known specialists have gathered a few large companies and brainstorm: how to develop a blog on how to move, what to learn, where to go … I had the feeling that my brain burst. I am the age that people can not compete, so they are safe to share knowledge and experiences. It was an unforgettable moment! Then I met a man from the "Microsoft", who managed fund investments. And he said he would help me just like that, saying that school children — it’s good, they need to train, so take our money. Now the "Microsoft" pays for the technical part of the website, which for me are exorbitant: their platform for webinars is very expensive.

As for the project "Webinar on the school website?"

This is a lecture on the internet. Now every teenager anywhere in the country have the opportunity to receive additional training. On the school’s code of a player set webinars blog and the students of this school can take part in it. However, the question can only speaker in my blog. Now, the project involves about 5,000 schools. The technology allows you to connect a large number of listeners, when the load increases, the system connects the new server, and redistribute the load

And who are your speakers, what do they say?

Subject webinars — career guidance. I try to invite qualified professionals — such people need to take the experience and knowledge. Was a series of lectures of teachers Higher School of Economics — in sociology, biology, politics, and economics. Was a series of broadcasts of concerts meetings, including the artistic director of the Mariinsky Theatre, Valery Gergiev, with prima ballerina Diana Vishneva. Children could ask questions and hear the answers live.

On what do you earn?

I now have no time even to think about a gift for my girl, and you’re asking what I want to make … Of course, when I began to go to the talks, forums, round tables, at once there was a question of money. In my future career I want to affect the country. Now I have set myself the task of making life better students, led by a youth jury websites "positive content". I can convey to the adult decision makers, opinion adolescents. So far, the initiatives we are not discussed, although it is us — the end users of educational services. Only when I say it, adults do big eyes.

And how do you feel about the legislation on the protection of children from information in the Internet?

Keep Moreover, I participated in the Russian Internet Forum and the Safer Internet Forum as a speaker on the topic, several initiatives are sent to the State Duma. I believe that this law was first introduced in the Russian segment of the Internet civilization. Whereas previously there doing God knows what, now it will not pass. Everyone understands that RUnet should move on to another stage of development, to become a safer and more civilized.

How did the chaotic uncivilized Internet on your growing up?

On my way, and that’s influenced by my friends. There was an unpleasant history with my friend who decided to commit suicide, suicide instructions found on the Internet and applied it in practice. Thank God, everything ended well, my mother managed to save it.

But is the Internet to blame for the fact that he tried to commit suicide?

On television, it does not show on the radio did not say in the library instructions for suicide do not lie. Of course, the Internet is not the cause of his intentions. But I hope that today you will not find in RuNet websites that promote suicide among adolescents. I’m busy right now launching a new portal for security on the Web, where teenagers in an accessible form will learn how to protect themselves from spam, bullying sekstinga, burglary.

How do you feel about the idea of a "children’s online" with "white lists" of sites?

Now child segment in RuNet missing: there is no information about the available resources are poorly developed. The site with the games — the traffic, money, promotion, professional people. Sites with positive content can only dream about such. So the catalog of "white sites" until within these sites is not, is meaningless. Also, what is my motivation to go to the site from this directory, if I can just drive a request to the good old search engine?

How do you use the Internet in their school life?

I often prepared for lessons with the help of Wikipedia, especially for history and social studies, I talked about read in class. There is more extensive information than the textbook. The school did not know about modern scientific discoveries, technological developments. The textbook information is not even the last century, and the year before last. I think that in the future we will learn through the Internet. At the very least, will definitely take the exam online, and no one will suffer these transitions from school to school.

What are your claims to school?

Do not like the format of exam and GIA, because it is nothing more than a verification of "record on the crust of the brain", and begin to train for tests since September 1. Of course, the exam — a good social elevator for teenagers from the province. But I would add more tests EGE course and diploma projects, both in the universities. Because the project demonstrates the ability to think. And to enroll in college would be a complete picture of high school seniors: and the knowledge and thinking. School children do not know that right now with the project, you can earn extra points for admission to the university! They do not say.

I also read about the idea of the ministry of education reform — was in shock. Reports, inspection, certification of teachers. A teacher has now come home at 11 pm angry and hungry. I homeroom teacher once said: "Serge, zabereshsya up — tell there to reports made smaller." I speak as a teenager: I do not need reports. They want to officials and school principals — so let them make up their. And teachers need to work with me as much as possible.

You left a comment on my article "Rating stuffed", which off-line life does not offer students the replacement online reservations that were offline blunt Soviet circles. You yourself faced with this?

I came for a vacation to her grandmother in Veliky Novgorod, went to the local youth house, I thought that there may be something to do. And saw there since the Soviet Union has not changed: An old building, where there is no infrastructure, no equipment, but there is a circle of modeling and soft toys, and kruzhkovody offer: "Come on, kids, we will walk along the handle." Thank you, but the teenager better go home and play Counter-Strike, because there you realize themselves even in the form of a new title arrow.

And what activities need to create in the offline life to distract teenagers from manic games?

The schools should design activities. Every kid wants one day to create its own "Facebook". There is an idea — it should appear in circuit implementation, otherwise the idea die, because there is no way to implement it. When we realize that it is no use to anyone — neither the teachers nor the parents nor the state — it’s all bent. The issue is not just about money, not even advice. My Site — this is my initiative, no one supported me. Yes, business support, because I was there with his head. And to get the support of the Education Committee, to six months, beat her head. I began to look at your site in a different way, when I began to criticize investors and IT-specialists: the button is not available there, people will not find a section … I thought, "Damn, what I’m doing for the last two years!" And I took two months completely changed their website. You need to grow out of our staff, to provide advice. Even if none of the project does not work, we will solve the main problem: the child begins to think, to dream, something to do. And it would not be thinking teenager who plays Counter-Strike.

Did you manage to implement some initiatives in school?

In my former school where I was before switched to external studies, all of my initiatives folded the director of the school. In the fifth grade, I decided to create a school TV. I found a sponsor.

You’re in the fifth grade, find a sponsor?

Yes, it was my daughter, "Ikea" — "Mega Parnas." I met with the store manager, said the idea of school television, and he agreed to give me 600,000 rubles. This would be the first in the Russian project of its kind, so it is considered that it would be a good advertisement for the store. I was taught everything: shooting video, installation, which cable to connect to the right place … And I came to school already with 7-page business plan. I’m telling the director: "Just tell me" yes "- and I’ll do it myself, you have a couple of months there will be TV, and the school will save money." What do I school director said
"no" because "in the Committee on Education will not understand it." From that moment I have with her relationship soured. I could not even deal with the school newspaper, because I realized that I could not realize their ideas. There I learned what true censorship! The administration was afraid that I would write that poorly fed in the dining room, and compromise the school.

That is, the school media — this is blasphemy?

In my experience, the head teacher says that it is possible and what not to write. In December, can come out and the September issue. The main thing — to report to the Department of Education that the school has a newspaper and students receive information. Do not realize that we all understand. But I know a man who runs a school self-government and harshly criticized the school, he was even commended for this decline. While the school newspaper did not win at the interregional competition. Then the attitude has changed.

And how much time it takes to fill "Blog school know-all"?

Used to take three to four hours a day, now it’s practically my whole life, except the girl and learning. This is not a hobby, it’s my business. The project has expanded, and new ideas. Combining the school became difficult: many business trips. I had to go to another school to study for external studies.

From what sources do you get information for articles?

And from the West and from the Russian media, I have a directory of sites that I trust. Sometimes I even write reviews on sites and recommend them to the reading. Sometimes something interesting to send a teacher.

How do you work with news on your website?

I transcribe all the news again, so that they were understood by the teenager. In the original form of steam, which is used in scientific texts adults, difficult to understand student.

This is a very competent journalistic work. True, you have a lot of errors …

I save Word and teachers who have agreed to read the news. No, my teachers, and the ones I found in the Internet community: they come to the site and correct my mistakes. And in the current school I generally do not tell anyone what I was doing. Still, when the milk is scalded, do not want to again.

Are you planning to involve other members of management of the site?

I am strongly for it to attract students to their site. But so far nothing good is the cooperation did not end: no competent people. My hair stands on end on how they write, I had to redo all the work himself.

You know, in the big journalism is the same story!

I still hope that I will find innovative and creative people. I lined contacts in social networks, open profiles, I invite students to collaborate.

In a comment on the article "Rating stuffed" You wrote me once that you want to come up with a legislative initiative to change the situation of adolescent alienation from life. What is it?

I want those who are 16 years of age were eligible to vote in municipal elections. Young people — it’s a large percentage of the population to which the budget is spent, and often ineffective. But this is a wide range of issues: children’s playgrounds, traffic, safety, equipment, schools, employment. There are few policies, and more real work, so for teenagers it can become a political school. There is much talk about the education of civil society, but little is being done, and done bits and pieces. And we must begin in adolescence. Judging by what is happening now in adult politics adults to re-late. In addition, the municipal level — this is the level of youth: the first stage in the policy. Of course, this will lead to a shift in the center of youth policy in the regions. But in place of better knowledge about the needs of young people, it is easier to get in touch, accordingly the cost of youth policy will be more effective. Now in the process of forming regions of youth structures in the executive branch. Therefore it is necessary to transfer the right to impose a 16-year threshold by region. They will have time to prepare, the training of young people.

But the right to vote is given the economically active population. Teens will vote the way their parents vote.

The right to vote — is the division of the social pie. Piece of cake stands, but the consumer does not ask opinions on this subject. In 16 years, most already have their own point of view, so that the selection will be done by yourself. I understand that the issue is very complex, that need research and political will. But I’ve created a website "stranamolodyh.rf" where you can vote for my initiative.



2 of the accompanying commentary … — this is something to something. These trolls. Envious and spiteful. And, unfortunately, a lot (in the same school, which it says here). Only a stubborn kid as a hero article can to succeed in this environment through.


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  • Vasya Pupkin
  • November 29, 2012 18:37

The strategies teenager operates in thousands of uncontrollable factors, with limited resources, responsive to market conditions. This is generally a potential top-class manager. In the game the guys arrange psychological attacks and maneuvers learned PR. This is a competence of the highest class.


  • Quote
  • Vasya Pupkin
  • November 29, 2012 18:37

charm … future "effective manager", filled with competence and communications. In general, the classical merchandiser. Will not produce anything, Besides creativity.

— Will you come to my state?
Tatar another look at a poster with three palm trees and the promise of eternal metamorphosis of English language.
— What? — He asked.
— Krieytorom.
— This is the creator? — Asked Tatarsky. — If you translate that?
Hanin smiled softly.
— Creators of us here … I do not want to — he said. — Creator, Wawa, krieytorom.

(C) Pelevin


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  • Ivan Patsyuk
  • November 29, 2012 13:44

The so-called "video clip consciousness" — the scourge of society and the salvation of capitalism as it may seem strange to you the second one. The person lacks knowledge in pieces, such as pieces of perceiving reality, unable to walk to the most general terms, without having mastered that, you can not change society.













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