Made in Ukraine: an excursion to the factory for the production of Aura HD media player

Frankly, having received an invitation to visit a factory for the production of the media players, located in Odessa, I was surprised and a little skeptical at first set — somehow I could not believe that in our country there can be such a production, it was difficult to overcome the belief that all such devices sold under the domestic brands are actually made in China, and all that they have a Ukrainian — the name and packaging. In general, he had to go and see with your own eyes.

  Invited to visit the company "Digital Skrinz" (the owner of video, And OOO "Infomir", which is the developer of industrial, consumer services for VoD / IPTV. A proper media player, the production of which offered to meet —Aura HD. In addition, there was also another reason for the press conference — "Digital Skrinz" summed up the first two months of its service and wanted to share their findings with the press. But first things first.

Despite the common belief that "all the smuggling is done in Odessa on Little Arnaut," production capacity "Infoworld" are located in the port of Odessa, in the free economic zone — given that over 70% of all products (more than 95%, and media players), the company produces on exports, it solves a lot of issues.

Here’s a view from panoramic "telecommunication technologies" — the plant, part of the group of companies "Infomir."

But by such exotic landscapes of his employees go to work every day:

Fees for players to be ordered in China has independently developed the design. They come in a form (each card is blank for up to four players):

Then they go on the conveyor belt in the shop automatic editing, where chips are soldered and is made by "baking" boards.

In total, there are two lines, each of which can optionally replace the other (or run in parallel). Serve them two people, work is being done around the clock in three shifts. According to the employees of the plant, the maximum capacity — 2500 players per day, and the last time it was here, and so many devices coming out in the warehouse.

One of the stages of production — ‘packing’ board members:

This stand is spot-checking the quality of manufacture (by default, it takes place every hour, but if desired, the procedure can be carried out at least every 10 minutes)

Since not all elements can be mounted on an automated assembly line, the final "touches" are put in the shop manual assembly. People are involved, of course, more

Much more:

After that, almost ready players assign MAC-address and stitch bootloader:

Then they get into the assembly hall, where the boards are installed in the housing. They were bought from Ukrainian producer (forms, of course, developed their own):

On the right, by the way, is visible assembly line for another product, "Infoworld" — "smart" electricity meter (in the lower right corner are they).

Before packing into the body all the players go through the stage of testing — check that the plug on the USB flash drives are determined by the parameters of video output and so on:

As a result, after assembly and packaging in the box is sent to the buyer’s such a player:

After the tour of the factory I managed to communicate with the programmers who develop software for Aura HD, as well as working on new products of the company — the next, more functional and efficient model player, as well as … own tablet. The first model, Aura HD Mobility, managed to hold in your hand — this is a typical budget (for sale must be received at the price of 1699 USD.) 7-inch tablet is a single-core Cortex A8 processor with video accelerator MALI400, running on Android 4.0.3:

(Against the background — a typical working disorder where mixed skeleton state devices from different generations, including a new model of the tablet, which has a touch screen simply propped contacts to the motherboard). From other Chinese products Aura HD Mobility will feature software of its own design, on which, in fact, at the moment, and is actively working.

After a tour of the factory representatives of "Digital Skrinz" and "Infomir" held a press conference at which he spoke of their cooperation, the prospects for the development of interactive content and benefits of such solutions for the end user.

Current trends are clear — video content, and television in particular, actively goes to the Internet, the growing popularity of IPTV and ‘video on demand’ to a convincing proof. In such a situation, bring together the manufacturer of devices for IPTV and video viewing — both local and network with the service provider Video on Demand, seems more than logical. Members receive legal Aura HD video content (movies, series, TV shows, exclusive live broadcasts, etc.) in HD-quality, which benefit both the device manufacturer and the content provider who receives such a significant expansion of its audience.

In addition, the Director of Sales and Marketing "Digital Skrinz" Sergei Gapochenko shared information about the results of the first two months of the video service So, from May 14 to July 14, visited the resource of about 700 thousand unique visitors, and on pay per view matches of Euro 2012 signed by over 7,500 people (and the live broadcast of the match Ukraine-France at the same time looking around 5,000 fans). Especially proud of is the fact that she was a pioneer in the field — in our country, no one before has conducted large-scale webcasts live in HD-format. Also during this period the library service has increased in half, filled with new service popular films.

In addition, the representative of the "Digital Skrinz" shared his plans for the future — so, in August, a library of movies and TV shows will be recharged new products, as well as to increase the list of supported devices.

Well, we can only wish success to both companies and further fruitful cooperation in the field of Ukrainian legal video content to users and their part in the near future, we hope to introduce you to the player Aura HD closer.

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