Made the first successful run trains KVSZ

July 20 high-speed two-system inter-regional train Krukovka Carriages at the station Novomoskovsk Dnieper railway made its first successful run at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. All systems are functioning normally. The train was tested on the course, braking, operation of auxiliary systems.

Within a month, the specialists of PJSC "KVSZ" Companies «Knorr-Bremse», «STEMMANN» (Germany), «MEDCOM» (Poland), "Hartron Express" (Kharkov), "MDS" (Dnepropetrovsk), and others carried out adjusting and testing of sophisticated equipment under the contact wire with a voltage of 3000 volts DC, and experts of the Ukrainian Research Institute of railcar (Kremenchug) stationary phases was carried out preliminary tests.

July 18 our train, along with the car-laboratory, was delivered to the station Novomoskovsk-Dnieper, where stationary paths of the "red traffic light to red" (it is somewhere 800 m), we again tested the train system on the performance in the shuttle motion . Experts have identified the Dnieper road and officially identified the window to move the tests.

At our request, to speed up the trials we were given ample time every day — 10 hours.

Testing began on July 20. First we carried out tests of our sophisticated new technology "their" way, without isolation of the locomotive. The first phase was a success! We have gradually tried to move the work trains and brake down all auxiliary systems at different speeds, so to speak realized character trains! Experts of the Ukrainian Research Institute and «MEDCOM» performed numerous records of equipment operating conditions, the resistance movement, the specific parameters of thrust at speeds up to 100 km / h

During this stage followed by others, but the first was a banner! He will go down in the history of Ukrainian passenger carriages.

On this test site parameters of contact network and the infrastructure does not allow the train to accelerate high speeds, but the movement of up to 140 km / h is allowed.

At the end of the test in Novomoskovsk, we perform high-speed travel of here, on the Dnieper the road, on the site of the station Sinelnikovo — Lozovaja to the station, where it is possible to disperse the train station dvadtsatikilometrovaya and test speed of 160 km / h and a little higher.

In conclusion, I would like to make special mention of the above specialists firms for their coordinated work in the hot "field" conditions of summer and look forward to the timely and successful completion of the test program of our first inter-regional trains! Tests are continuing.

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