Magadan Mechanical Plant — 75 years

The oldest building enterprise Magadan region celebrates its anniversary.

Today MMP — the largest manufacturer of mining equipment. The plant employs more than 200 people.

  • new plasma cutting machine, MMP acquired in 2010, allows you to cut out parts washing equipment with the highest quality

In 2011, the sales volume totaled 430 million rubles. In 2012, Magadan mechanical plant won the regional competition to regulate the business relationship and health as better organization of industrial enterprises.         

Product details MMZ  here

Top steel makers, machinists, welders, fitters and turners awarded.

"On behalf of the Governor of the Magadan region Nikolai Dudova let me thank you for your many years of work for the benefit of our region, and to wish all the staff of happiness, prosperity and well-being" — congratulated the staff of the mechanical plant Acting Governor Nikolai Karpenko.

Subsoil users acquire flushing devices of various designs and components, assemblies, spare parts for mining equipment and pumps for diesel and electric drive. The plant is also the only company in the region, which produces pipes in polyurethane foam insulation for the municipal utilities.

Flushing devices supplied not only in the region of Magadan, but also in the countries of Central Asia. MMP customers and buyers are from Mongolia, Ghana, Mali, Zimbabwe.

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