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Larger and faster-increasing hole in the Earth's magnetic field found on the North and South poles of European scientists. According to their calculations, in the near future may become "magnetic flip-flop" when the magnetic poles switch places, changing the direction of the field is reversed, the ITAR-TASS news agency. These findings were made a few days ago after an analysis of the Center for Space Research Danish latest data received from the satellite, which monitors the magnetic fields of the Earth. Change of poles occurs almost every 500 million years because of changes in the direction of flow in the interior of our planet's huge mass of liquid iron, moving around a solid core of the Earth.

However, the current period, the distribution of magnetic poles delayed — they do not change places for more than 750,000 years. European scientists believe that the world is on the eve of this important event. Calculations show that the change in the direction of the magnetic field should not cause a global catastrophe, though at the time of the changeover field strength will be weakened. This in turn can lead to a widespread increase in the level of solar radiation, so as to protect the earth magnetic field on their lethal effects.

However, technological implications of "magnetic flip-flop" will be enormous, as modern appliances, including a compass, guided by a well-defined direction of magnetic fields. Heizvestno well, what will be the consequences of changing the direction of the magnetic fields for the birds that use them for their transcontinental flights






































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