Magnesite Group acquired Panteleymonovsky refractory plant in Ukraine


The Russian group Magnesite, the main production facilities are in Satke Chelyabinsk region, has acquired Panteleymonovsky Refractory Plant (city Gorlivka, Ukraine), one of the largest enterprises in Ukraine for the production of magnesia refractories.

In an official press release said Panteleymonovsky plant produces shaped and unshaped refractory products. The company is equipped with advanced pressing and mixing equipment, integrated management system meets the standards smezhdunarodnym. Magnesite Group plans in 2016 to increase the company many times the volume of production of magnesia refractories up to 25,000 tons per year, to organize the production of flux output up to 100,000 tons per year. Will continue to manufacture products and firing forsterite.

As a result, production capacity in the medium term will exceed 150,000 tons per year. It will be possible, including through the supply of "Russian magnesite" — high quality refractory materials: sintered and fused periclase clinker produced by the Group on the basis of high-quality magnesite deposits of magnesite in Russia. To implement these plans, the power company will be modernized, which will ultimately allow him to reach a new level of development. Group

"Magnesite" — a world leader in the production of magnesia products, is an integrated company that provides full-cycle production of refractories from mining to engineering and operational services. The structure of the Group consists of 16 manufacturing and service enterprises in Russia, China, Germany, Slovakia and Ukraine, as well as a wide network of service and sales representatives.

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