Magnesite Group has commissioned a gas-cleaning equipment


The "magnesite" commissioned by Satka production site (Satka, Chelyabinsk region) gas treatment equipment according to the best world standards. The shop firing magnesite powder for rotary kiln number 4 is mounted a two-stage system with bag filter manufacturing Scheuch Gmbh (Austria). The efficiency of the filter is 99.9%. This is the seventh dust filters system installed in the shops of the Group for several years. Total investment in the project amounted to about 600 million rubles.  

This year, the same equipment is installed and running to work on high-temperature blast furnace Polysius AG, a rotary kiln number 1 in the shop number of magnesite powder 3. The next step — Commissioning high gas cleaning system being built on a multiple hearth furnace, and the design of the construction of gas purification for electric furnaces № 1-4 in the MPS-4, as well as for the 2nd, 5th and 6th rotary kilns in the DSM-3 .

This year, the group "magnesite" also began to establish a system of monitoring of pylevybrosov: each tube for thermal units — rotating, silo, and a multiple electric stoves — will be equipped with special dust meter-control sensors, whose data will be transmitted in a single automated system and may be available to those companies, as well as the wider public.

"By implementing the latest technology gas purification, corresponding to the best European standards, we do not just care about reducing the burden on the environment, but also solve the problem of the rational use of natural resources," says the head of the department of environmental protection of the "magnesite" Oleg Ponomarev. — "The use of bag filters can collect in the hopper almost all the fine dust that forms in the process of burning of magnesite, and return this valuable raw material in the production cycle. We are looking forward to this upgrade gas cleaning systems, in which no particle of dust does not fly into the pipe. Investment projects of the Group always contain an environmental component. "

Gas treatment facilities — the powerful industrial installations with a two-stage air purification system, including a group of eight cyclones and bag filter, consisting of a few hundred Sleeveless about 5 meters from the high-tech of the mother. Performance settings — 300-360 thousand meters? of gas per hour. The dust-laden air passes through the dirty gas chamber, consisting of a hose system, which is purified by 99.9%, and the layer of dust formed on the sleeve is recovered a jet of compressed air. Dust, which is a fine caustic magnesite, falls into the hopper filter is then sent to a special concrete tanks and from there — for processing and manufacturing of products.

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