Magnesite Group has launched a new production line fluxes Panteleimon refractory plant

Magnesite Group successfully launched the production line of the project on the organization of the production of magnesium flux output of 50,000 tons per year at Panteleimon refractory plant (Ukraine). Organized with zero production fluxes in 2013 will be released for the design capacity.

Fluxes — one of the most promising products to optimize the maintenance and operating costs of steel plants and successfully resolve issues of improving the resistance of the lining of thermal units.

The first experimental batch of unshaped refractory grade PANSLAG P71 (magnesia flux briquetted) Panteleimonovsky refractory plant successfully passed industrial tests. To date, interest in the delivery of this product have expressed major metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine.

Production of magnesium flux — a new direction Panteleimonovsky refractory plant and along with the project to increase the capacity of production of magnesia products (PU-products) is part of a large-scale investment enterprise strategy aimed at diversifying the product range and production of modern and popular products of higher added value.

Panteleimon refractory plant went into the Group structure Magnesite in early 2012. Construction work on the reconstruction and modernization of the Ukrainian enterprises in the investment program of the company began in the 2nd quarter of 2012. Construction site was carried out with the use of modern technology for transportation, drying and processing of raw materials in accordance with international standards of Integrated Management System ISO in the field of environmental protection, product quality and safety. The enterprise dismantled worn equipment mounted in the period of industrialization of the USSR, and the released areas equipped with modern equipment.

As part of the project to increase production capacity PU products at the plant began assembling a new dosing system, which will include the weight trolley, 30 bunkers, three mixer Eirich, six liquid dispensers. Installation of equipment for dosing line leading specialists of the manufacturer. In early April, they started commissioning.

"New vesodoziruyuschee equipment will improve the quality of preparation for mass production of magnesia products multicomponent composition, as well as improve the technology with new and existing brands of products — the director Panteleimonovsky refractory plant Andrew Tolpygin. In the near future the company plans to start work on the reconstruction of the channel thermo-dried, installation of a new delivery system of drying agent (hot air), the introduction of the automated control system of heating device. The modernized production facility will be commissioned in mid-2013. As a result of this project volume production of magnesia refractories in 2016 will increase to 25,000 tons per year. "

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