Magnesite Group in 2011, 4 electric upgrades

Magnesite Group in 2011, upgrading its production facilities fused periclase magnesite powder in the shop number 4 (MPS-4) Satka production site (Satka, Chelyabinsk region). In January, put in place the first modernized electric furnace, which has increased productivity by 30%, another 3 furnaces will be launched during the 1st quarter of 2011. In this framework, capacity to produce fused periclase increase to 50,000 tons.

"Fused periclase is the basis for all high-quality refractory products and increase its production for us is one of the key strategic objectives," said General Director of Magnesite Sergei Odegov. "In the future, we plan to increase the production of these several times, including the construction of new facilities. These ambitious plans will enable us to significantly strengthen its position in the global market and offer consumers a competitive and marketable product. "

As part of the modernization of electric and increase its productivity and an automated process control system melting, reduced his time as well as energy consumption per 1 tonne of finished product.

A distinctive feature of the processed materials are their high density and large corrosion resistance. In the technology of refractory materials, processed materials occupy a special place, as they allow to produce products increased resistance and develop highly efficient processes in metallurgy, chemical engineering, building materials, energy, instrumentation and other industries.

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