Mail America: You can not save overclock


United States Postal Service (United States Postal Service — USPS) claims to be the most unprofitable and unpromising state agency. USPS damages up to 2012 will amount to about $ 14 billion, and the debt owed to creditors has reached $ 5.5 billion.

The current economic situation of the U.S. Postal Service is the worst for the 237-year history of the department. Even during the Civil War and the Great Depression, the agency did not tolerate such colossal losses.

Moreover, some financial experts argue that the service must be disbanded because it has not the slightest chance to regain its former position.

By imminent bankruptcy (which is scheduled for September-October of the current year) USPS pushed the five factors.

First, the growing popularity of electronic communications.

According to statistics, only older Americans (60 years old) is still used letters and postcards. All others prefer to communicate and send greetings by e-mail, video chat, or via SMS-message on smartphones.

Very hard hit by budget USPS desire of Americans to pay utility bills online. If earlier the average family sent out at least five envelopes with stamps on a monthly basis (electricity, gas, phone, cable TV, water), now all payments occur through the Internet. "A lot of people have forgotten how to look brand — says one of the mail clerks. — Soon there will come a day when no longer needed in their mailboxes. USPS will only make the wrappers and parcels. "

Second, the U.S. Postal Service has not been able to destroy two of its main competitors — UPS and FedEx. These two commercial companies with great difficulty experiencing financial crisis, but its business persons do not lose. Moreover, some competitors USPS services are much cheaper. "For government workers in the first place is their own well-being — wrote on an online forum a member of the FedEx. — They are protected by unions and have a great package of social benefits. Our company has been working for the same customers. Excellent service for FedEx is above all. "

Comment quite common, given that the speed and quality of work of any one government agency is not able to withstand the competition from commercial companies.

Thirdly, USPS missed a very lucrative contracts with major online shopping dollars. Some analysts believe that the Postal Service could increase the number of shipments, if he'd built a relationship with these "monsters" online trade as Amazon and eBay. The shortsightedness of the leaders of agencies has led to the fact that the most lucrative contracts went to commercial structures.

The fourth factor that pushed the Postal Service into bankruptcy, is in the wrong allocation of human resources. The last quarter of a century the agency expanded its ranks. Responsibilities of employees has not increased, but the position became more. To date, in the ranks of the USPS has 575,000 employees. This means that just about every 550th resident of the United States is working at the post office.

Experts believe that the number of postal employees can safely cut by 10% — 15%. The agency too many bureaucrats and other "experts" who do not have anything to do with the mail service. "Go to any branch of USPS, located in a major metropolis — the user writes online forum. — You will see a huge queue and one clerk at ten empty boxes. You can stand a 45-cent mark for several hours. And no one will say that actually works in the department of 50-60 employees. "

The fifth reason the absolute futility of USPS — inaction of Congress. It is this legislature, we recall, shall decide all questions relating to the Postal Service. Unfortunately, the last time Congress did not provide any sensible bill to save the USPS. Absolutely indifferent to the fate of the department, both Republicans and Democrats.

The only thing promised congressional staff USPS — to uphold all the required facilities (in particular, decent pensions) and funding agencies in the event of bankruptcy. This means that all problems of the Postal Service, in the end, will fall on the shoulders of taxpayers operating in commercial structures.

Since the first of August of this year, the daily USPS debt increased by $ 25 million. Already in 2013 it will be $ 35 — $ 40 million a day. And by 2015 could reach $ 50 million a day. Experts believe that the USPS problems can greatly undermine the national economy, and become one of the reasons for the increase of public debt (today it is $ 16.5 trillion).

Fortunately, the legendary Benjamin Franklin, who is considered the founder of the U.S. Postal Service does not see in what today is the state of his favorite agency. In contrast, it is the current president of Franklin and his administration do not believe that the USPS should bring not only benefits, but also the profit …

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