Mail of Russia began the construction of the Rostov Regional automated sorting center worth 50 million euros

Postal services in the Southern Federal District will take to the new level of technology and the speed and quality of delivery of correspondence in the southern regions of Russia will increase significantly. As part of a comprehensive modernization of the postal industry Russian Post has started construction automated sorting center in the city of Rostov region Bataiysk. The ceremony of laying the first stone of a new "post factory" was attended by representatives of regional authorities, the leadership of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Russian Post".


Rostov Regional ASC will minimize the share of manual labor in the processing and sorting of mail and go to the progressive principle of zonal-nodal transportation of mail in the service area of the center. All this will reduce the number and duration of processing delays in the mail the way to the recipient, therefore, clients in the Southern Federal District of the Russian Post will receive their origin more quickly.

Open Rostov ASC in 2014. Construction of the automated sorting center in anticipation of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi is of particular importance, because, according to the forecasts, the volume of mail during the Olympics streams in the southern regions of the country will increase significantly.

In the service area of Rostov ASC, designed to process more than 1 million letters and parcels a day, will include four regions of Russia, where more than 10 million people: Krasnodar, Rostov Region, the Republic of Kalmykia and Adygea. It is a territory with more than 2,600 post offices and 55 post offices.

Modernization of infrastructure, technological upgrading and improvement of logistics — the primary tasks that Russian Post today decided to improve the quality of services and reduce the time of delivery of correspondence. A key trend in the modernization of the postal industry — network ASC nationwide coverage. Delivery times of mail in the service area of each center would be dramatically reduced by reducing the number of screening sites and automate the process of sorting. Today, Russia is already working two ASC — in the Moscow region and St. Petersburg. Cumulatively they handle up to 4.7 million pieces of mail a day. Besides the construction of postal plant in Rostov region in the nearest future Russia Post — start sorting centers in Novosibirsk and Mineral Waters. In general, plans to build 35 "postal plants" throughout Russia. In this case, the construction of each center requires significant investment — so the cost of the contract for construction of the ASC in the Rostov region of 50 million euros.

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Bataiysk — a satellite town of the capital of the Rostov region. In recent years, for implementation in the city is preparing a number of large investment projects. ASC Russian Post will go to the newly created South Bataisk industrial zone. It is included in the program of "100 gubernatorial investment projects" and provides for the creation of over 700 new jobs in the region. By order of the Russian Post construction, supply and installation of equipment for the screening of Rostov ASC Russian Post will carry the company «SELEX Elsag», a subsidiary of the conglomerate «Finmeccanica». The Italian company has already established itself in the construction of ASTs in the Moscow region and St. Petersburg.

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