Mail of Russia will paste parcels and letters RFID identification (RFID)

Plans for the introduction of the post of RFID-tags (allow to sort the mail quickly, accurately track its delivery, etc.) told the representative of "Mail of Russia". According to him, the project will participate Corporation "RUSNANO", her rep has confirmed that.

Until the end of 2011 will be considered as a pilot project — RFID-tags will be applied to all items express division "Post of Russia» EMS. In 2012-2013. they will mark all e-mail capacity — from boxes and bags to containers as well as registered letters and parcels. And in 2014 "Mail of Russia" will consider the RFID-labeling of all mail, says the company. The amount of funding the pilot project could reach 50-60 million rubles. Now discuss the structure of its financing, adds a representative of "RUSNANO".

Post Office plans to use RFID-tags produced in Russia. This production is at "Sitronics" (Controlled by AFK "System"), which is ready to deliver RFID-products and "Mail of Russia" if it will receive from the order, the vice-president of "Sitronics" Irina Lanin. The introduction of RFID-tags to the post office says it is very timely step, which will create a new market for domestic microelectronics. "Sitronics" four years experience in RFID, releasing 300 million transport cards and labels in a year, said Lanin.

But the "Sitronics" may appear competitor — Project Company "RUSNANO" "Galileo-nanotech", plans to start production of RFID-tags in the near future. Now the average market price of finished RFID-tags is high — 18-20 rubles. and this hinders the development of technology, says CEO "Galileo-nanotech" Andrew Krushinsky. It promises to reduce the price to 08.05 rubles., And for the "Post of Russia" "Galileo-nanotech" expects a tag price of not more than 3 rubles. To fund a pilot project, he said, the company is able by itself.

According to the "Mail of Russia", in 2010 she sent 3 million express shipments. But first RFID-tagged will okleivayut not the parcels and letters, and 80,000 containers for them. Theoretically, in the early stages of the project suppliers of chips can earn up to 9,000,000 rubles., Estimates the president of the Association of Distance Selling Alexander Ivanov. And if it comes to emails, the amount will increase by orders of magnitude: annual mail sends only about 1.43 billion Russian letters, that is, the purchase of RFID-tags could reach 4.29 billion rubles. Indicates Ivanov.

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