Mail.Ru Group rushes to the global market under the brand


Mail.Ru Group has sounded all the major events of the season in the event Mail.Ru Group: Update. About the most relevant updates and launches each of the five reported business units. It was also announced that in order to enter new markets Mail.Ru Group will use the new global name

"Today, our services used by more than 90% of the audience of the Russian Internet — said in his speech Dmitry Grishin, CEO of Mail.Ru Group. — We have had some success in the Russian-speaking Internet, but do not intend to stop there. Therefore, more than a year testing the individual products in foreign markets. Now is the time when all these actions must be carried out by a single name, which will be more effectively abroad. Therefore, we have decided that we need a new global, short, memorable name. And we are pleased to present ».


At Mail.Ru Group has the experience of entering new markets. The company’s portfolio includes dozens of browser and client games such as "Rage Online», Perfect World, «The Lord of the Rings Online», Warface. Mail.Ru Group has offices in several countries, including Germany, Israel, Latvia. The company has also set up a center of localization, which are engaged in the translation and adaptation of the service interfaces and projects for overseas markets.

In addition, speakers from the five business units of the company told about key updates and launches.

"Mail Mail.Ru» announced the update web interface "big" mail: it will be user avatars and icons services will be available multiavtorizatsiya. Also, the mail will be a web version of the iPad and the app for Windows 8. In addition, users will soon be able to plan the work and leisure with the help of "Calendar Mail.Ru».

IM-division of the company launches ICQ for Windows 8. ICQ was developed for the new operating system "from scratch", with all the necessary requirements of the new UI version of Windows. Also came under fresh ICQ Android: major update are voice calls.

Updated version of the "Agent" for Android and iOS. Completely redesigned both applications has affected all the basic functions of an "Agent". Now the "Agent" same functionality on both platforms.

Social network "Facebook" launches recommendations for their own services, "Video" and "Music." Members of "Schoolmates" will be able to receive advice from the social network that they can be more interesting to listen to or watch.

Business Unit "Search and e-commerce» announced the release of the beta version of the browser "Amigo" and update service "Real Estate Mail.Ru». The "Money Mail.Ru» also held a series of updates: The first version of the application for Android, updated app for iOS. Also, announced the issuance of bank cards, "Money Mail.Ru».


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