Mail Russia: results of 2012:

Mail Russia: results of 2012. The growth of labor productivity, investment and economic efficiency


Selected Mail Russian course for growth and modernization of services continues to prove its effectiveness. At the end of 2012, the labor productivity in the company rose 11% to 35.8 thousand rubles per month per employee, revenue per post office — by 7% (to 258 thousand rubles per month). Total revenue of the federal postal operator compared with 2011 increased by 7% to 129 billion rubles. Post of Russia for a year at the same time managed to ensure the growth of net profit by 2% to 813 million rubles, and increase investment by more than 31% to 11.2 billion rubles. Funds for the reconstruction of post offices, the modernization of the postal logistics infrastructure, network equipment on technical means for the renovation and expansion of the IT infrastructure, and the development of infrastructure for financial services. For example, in 2012 the company bought 1,235 new vehicles and 10 cars for the transportation of mail, revolutionized the 543 post offices.

In 2012, the Russian Post independently compensated for losses uncovered by the state from the provision of socially important services at a significantly lower cost of $ 1.9 billion for public postal services in the Far North, 2.8 billion rubles — for subscription services, 1200000000 rubles — the universal service of data transmission and providing access to the Internet by using multiple access points, and 3.5 billion rubles — for the service delivery of pensions and other social benefits.

8.6 billion Russian rubles Mail sent to cover losses from unprofitable content of 28,000 rural post offices.

Income structure of the Russian Post has remained relatively stable. Almost 47% (compared to 44.7% the year before) revenue brought postal services, the proceeds of which, compared with 2011 increased by 12% and amounted to 60.3 billion rubles. Income from financial services and payment of pensions and benefits grew by 3.4% and amounted to 47 billion rubles, or 36% of total revenue. Block commercial services company has brought about 21.6 billion rubles.

The increase in basic postal services of the Russian Post and increase their share of revenue is a testament to the correctness of the strategic vision of the enterprise, focused primarily on the development of the core business. Growth is demonstrated by letters and packages, as well as parcels. During 2012, the company has provided the shipment 1,636 million units of written correspondence, exceeding the previous year by 7% to almost 53 million parcels.

Up to 3 billion rubles — 67% — have grown revenues received by the federal postal operator from foreign postal administrations for the delivery of international mail Russian addresses. This demonstrates the growing popularity of Russian Post as a delivery channel of goods overseas marketplaces.

Thanks to the work of the quality of service of post offices increased rate of compliance with the established quality standards, as evidenced by the results of tests on a "Mystery Customer" held in 80 regions of the country. A year ago, the requirements for quality of service of service meet 35% of units, by the end of 2012 to 67%. In this complex issue is the implementation of target dates for delivery of mail. If within one region to target dates passes 88.9% of correspondence, then the inter-provincial flow of quality score of only 52.2%. Key causes of delays is the lack of development of the transport infrastructure of the country, the critical dependence of the Russian Post shipping companies, as well as high (over 60%) the level of wear and lack of infrastructure, the federal postal service. In the current situation, to prevent the growth of wear and at least a minimum of postal infrastructure needed annually for at least 20 billion rubles of investments — ie almost 2 times more than can independently provide Russian Post. It should be noted that the company has developed and a half years waiting for approval by the Government of the Russian Federation Federal State Unitary Development Strategy "Mail of Russia" for 2012-2016, GG, which suggests a solution to this problem with the financial participation of the state in the amount of up to 90 billion rubles.

The accuracy and efficiency of the selected vector of the Post has been confirmed by international rating agency Fitch, which for the first time in Russian practice FGUPs awarded the company an international credit rating corresponding to the sovereign ratings of the Russian Federation (‘BBB’, outlook "stable").

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