Main area of the Olympic Park acquires features

  • "Olympstroy"
  • "Olympstroy"

In the Imereti lowland area is constructed, which will be a place for relaxation and special occasions. It is circular and is being built in the center of the Olympic Park, where all the pedestrian streets converge. It’s sort of a "sea" in which flow into "rivers" — thousands of streams of people. From this pulsating center of the guests on the dance form will open six Olympic arenas. According to the Organizing Committee "Sochi 2014", the square will be the awards ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games in 2014.   "The area is the glue of all facilities of the Olympic Park with various plastic facades. They are connected to a single architectural ensemble of colors and textures that allow you to create impressive and memorable image of the Winter Olympics in 2014, "- said the chief architect" Olympstroy "Oleg Kharchenko.

Erect a fountain in the square, a platform for performances and temporary bleachers for 5,000 spectators. The scene will be clearly visible from anywhere in the area, which is shaped like a bowl with a flat bottom and a raised edge. In addition, it has an original drawing of a planning. The area crossed by walking paths that diverge and merge into the alley. They will decorate the different items, including small architectural forms, as well as lawns and flower beds. Landscape designers will create a summer garden here in the open. On the territory of planting trees and shrubs that stay green all year round.

Home on the area — avenue of flags of the participating countries Olympics. 107 flag poles already installed on concrete bases of high-strength concrete. It took more than 2500 cubic meters of material. Holders of flags equip special mechanisms, which will raise the flags at the height of a 9-storey building.

Go to the area will be through the Propylaea — the front "gate". Architects gave them shape the rocky mountain gorge. Embodying the idea, builders poured foundations have now carried out the installation of steel structures, which have yet to decorate different materials.

View of the area and the entire Olympic complex called the station "Olympic Park", where guests arrive Olympics. The path to the center of sporting events held in five pedestrian bridges up to 7 meters long and 70 meters. They have already built over a highway encircling the Olympic Park. Ready to support these crossings and steel, the works on the device of the roadway, mounted openwork railing and lighting system.

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