Maintenance of robots: Automatic Vagonostrointel help

At the concern "Tractor Plants" started robotics production sites. This will help to increase the level of production technology.

The Industrial Group signed the first in the history of domestic engineering framework agreement on the implementation of large-scale robotic production sites holding.
The partners in the execution of Russia‘s largest producer of appliances and equipment plans were units of the Japanese company — one of the leaders in the delivery of "smart" robots of FANUC.

"We have a clear understanding that, setting a goal for five years to increase production by three times, we can not do without robotics. We believe that cooperation with the world leader in robotics will enable us to achieve our goals, "- said the president of the concern Michael Bolotin.

In accordance with the contract "Tractor Plants" will have access to technology FANUC. The key points of the company will perform in collaboration railway and engineering areas.

First robotics touches production sites JSC "Promtractor Wagon". Robotics will be applied in the implementation of welding, painting, bending, and other manipulations that will improve the accuracy and quality of work with the items to reduce the consumption of materials and significantly speed up the production process.

For the first time, not only in Russia, but all over the world with the help of FANUC robots on one site, "Tractor plants" — JSC "Promtractor Wagon" — will be put in place complex drobometnyh works. In the future, Russian machine-building-industry group will create its own technological products in the field of robotics.

"Robotic automation of the production process in the manufacture of railway equipment — a promising direction of development. The use of robots allows for the most accurate and high-quality technological operations. At present, this technique is set to Tver Carriage Works, and has successfully established itself in the work of the welding production ", — said vice-president of the NP" OPZHT "Sergei Palkin.

"We see the Concern" Tractor plants "as a strategic partner in Russia. In general, our company has a Russian railway engineering market is very promising and important ", — said General Director of the beginning of cooperation" FANUC Robotics Russia "Marco Delaini. According to him, the new technology will enable car builders in the fastest possible time to make necessary changes in production technology. This will help to quickly respond to market demands and increase the competitiveness of the enterprise.

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